Brother 2

Brother 2

Arriving in Moscow, Chechen veteran Danila (Sergei Bodrov Jr) meets Konstantin, an old friend who tells him that his twin brother has been forced into signing a crooked contract with a US ice hockey team. Soon after this meeting, Danila discovers Konstantin dead and he sets out to avenge his death; a journey that leads him to Chicago and a whole new experience.

Here goes "kirdyk" to America, as it was promised in first part. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arai A (gb) wrote: An good musical movie.

Scott R (ru) wrote: Film is truth weekly list

Tams M (ag) wrote: it was an ok film. you can learn, how racism was defeated mainly in the courtroom, with some action on the streets. it was ok...

Enid B (fr) wrote: El extra dedo del actor me distrajo...

Richard C (gb) wrote: Flixster please FIX YOUR CURRENT SEARCH SYSTEM - IT BLOWS. This film is impossible to find on Flixster unless you know your way around.Pretty amateurish semi-documentary, but watchable if you like the topic (Underground horror). References very few films and influences, but the analysis provided some insight on the behavioral activity from underground horror filmmakers. I don't know how the last bit was pulled off.

Paul C (us) wrote: This was a decent film. It is mostly about four friends who grow up in the 70s around Long Island. Also how they are more independent fishermen who are trying to make a living. When I first saw Paul Rudd was in this film, I was thinking of comedy. But the film is more heart based. All the characters do have unique personalities that are fun to watch. This also includes the side characters. Overall, this was a good film.

Mohd Hafri H (mx) wrote: Some of the cast actually hurt the film's bleak and supposedly intriguing tone with some of their unintentionally humorous lines with Aishwarya Rai herself contributing a mediocre performance at best.

Andy E (br) wrote: Achronological style breaks some of the suspense - you know who survives, and indeed, that anyone survives, plus some of the facts seem shaky, not helped by the rushed nature, especially in the second half, but still tense and watchable.

victoria a (de) wrote: MEXICAN GODFATHER HELL YA!!

Andy G (kr) wrote: Really great cast with great acting from Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. The CGI feels dated by today's standards, but wasn't bad for its time. One of my favorite Harrison Ford movies, behind the Star Wars and Indiana Jones movies of course. 80%

James M (us) wrote: Costume drama which looks good, but the story and performances didn't grab me the way they should have. I'd like to watch the original French film 'The Return Of Martin Guerre' before I comment further.

Jason P (it) wrote: Brilliant sequel to White Lightning. Reynolds is hard as nails.

Lovro H (jp) wrote: British humour at its best! Monty Python, the largest british comedy group releases its first full-length feature, and it's brilliant! It has the best sketches, all though they are a bit edited, but all the best parts are still here. My all-time favourite is the "Dead parrot" sketch! It's impossible to watch this movie without laughing. John Cleese was the best in this movie. His acting is just fantastic! The way he 'gets in' with the character is just brilliant. It's really worth watching, and I wouldn't recommend anyone skipping this movie!

Alex G (jp) wrote: Boring and and seemingly pointless. I kept asking myself why I should care?

Scott S (br) wrote: A sad film that focus on a romance in a 1950s small town. Jane Wyman is a wealthy widow who falls in love with Rock hudson who is a gardener. This film focuses on loneliness, and the battle between what you want in life vs. what other people want for your life. For an older film, it does hit on a lot of themes that we deal with today.

John A (fr) wrote: This Film Is Certainly A Slasher Movie, But Has Great Character Development, Which Hero Or Villain Shows How A Monster Is Made. The Film Fails On Terms Of It's Week Plot & Somewhat Weak Acting. With A Few More Tweaks This Could Be A Great Movie. But This Is One Which Does Not Fail To Entertain, & Is Probably One Of The Best Slasher's To Come From Recent Years.

Adam A (fr) wrote: The premise now had a clear shot to go where no movie had been able to take us before, instead of the multi-million dollar financial mogul we had seen before in movies like Wall Street. Eddie Morra could have become a new Steven Hawking, or cured cancer or invent a time machine. Limitless IS a really good flick in my oppinion with a premise that made me inspired of becoming the "enhanced Adam":P But as I said, it could have gone beyond the limit.