Brother of Sleep

Brother of Sleep

Schlafes Bruder tells the story a few exceptionally talented individuals who grew up in a remote mountain town in the Alps. The film, based on an internationally successful novel by Robert Schneider of the same name, depicts the slow withering of their unique skills.

In the beginning of the 19th century, Johannes Elias Alder is born in a small village in the Austrian mountains. While growing up he is considered strange by the other villagers and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hugo G (it) wrote: 5.9/10 The movie has a no apparent explanation, it simply is what it is. But because there is too many questions and not enough answers, I made some research and read a lot about what it really happened and what everything meant. I found one that really made kind of sense of everything. And so, that explanation makes the movie more intriguing and understandable, but still the movie lacked that. I mean, it was interesting and well made and acted, but it was very easy to get lost and not follow what was happening. Also it is surely one of those movies that makes you think about even long after watching it, which is good but there's not much to make from it because nothing is explained. If the concept was as good as the final product, it would've been a great film, but it was very hard, at least for me, to get to understand that, therefore making it frustrating and maddening. ~January 31, 2015~

Courtney S (kr) wrote: Absolutely heartbreaking document of the 2002 IDF bombing of the Jenin refugee camp (the so-called "Battle of Jenin" or Jenin massacre) - in which no single building was left standing in a camp of 15,000 residents. Some moments: children explaining that a disabled man comes to the cemetery every day because his disabled friend was killed, the children said he was very sad. An old man who was shot in the hand and foot. One man describing how they were all ordered to strip naked to look for weapons, not for humiliation. One man's political and social commentary held the movie together. A young girl, maybe 8-10 years old, also said some extraordinary things about how IDF soldiers are cowards - she let me know that Palestinian children must be the saddest children on the planet - not because what they suffer day-to-day is absolutely the worst condition of any children at any given time, but because for decades they have been abandoned by much of the world and their hopes for a normal life, for peace and security, are so slim - all they see everywhere are confirmations that hope is as illusory as any dream. It makes perfect sense little boys throw stones at tanks - it's way of declaring their humanity, saying we exist and will continue to exist even if you have tanks paid for by the American empire. A very moving description of merely one massacre of Palestinians by the world's "most moral army."

Joyce D (es) wrote: the most disturbing movie i've seen.

Cam D (gb) wrote: I couldn't get into it.. It was very boring.

Jordan L (it) wrote: First one is better!

Dnd H (es) wrote: Based on some factual events, this film will take you on a ride through suspense and hopefulness. The end will give you chills and make you wonder.....What's really out there?

Paul J (nl) wrote: Compelling ideas almost come together in the end. Half-baked Kieslowski is a bit uneven. Still, there are some undeniably fascinating existential moments.

Ps J (ca) wrote: start my weekend by rewatch this again. un-ironically, this is the first "godzilla" movie i ever seen back in the day. yes, sure it is not a "godzilla" movie. but, as a standalone monster movie it still has its own merits. The first 30 minutes is entertaining and the rest of it just a Jurassic Park/ Independence Day knockoff.

Ian W (ca) wrote: An Interesting British musical about a teenager with an eating disorder who struggles to make friends and lives for music. Exceedingly catch songs and a great cast make this worth seeing.

Lindsey J (nl) wrote: A subtle, non-judgmental film about a troubled young mother who has just been released from prison and wishes to reconnect with her three-year-old daughter. Maggie Gyllenhaal is great in this role, adeptly conveying Sherry's complex character through some disturbing scenes which eventually reveal the reason for Sherry's emotional problems and subsequent drug addiction.