Brother Orchid

Brother Orchid

When retired racket boss John Sarto tries to reclaim his place and former friends try to kill him, he finds solace in a monastery and reinvents himself as a pious monk.

When retired racket boss John Sarto tries to reclaim his place and former friends try to kill him, he finds solace in a monastery and reinvents himself as a pious monk. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suneel J (jp) wrote: A horribly cheap college-flick in the sex-comedy genre. A waste of time with horrible acting, plot development, and anything else you look for in this movie. I highly advise not watching this movie, let alone write a review about it.

lhan (br) wrote: Wavv Saadet Aksoy ve Penelope Cruz ayn? filmde

james F (us) wrote: i want to c this bady

Ryan N (fr) wrote: Saw it with my sister and wasn't impressed.....

Rogier J (ag) wrote: The movie had some beautiful shots, but it was soooo borrrriinngggg... it might have helped to have subbed the mongolian conversations...

Simone G (kr) wrote: In the movie Brother Bear, we're introduced to three young brothers named Sitka, kenahi, and Kenai Kenai's animal spirit that he was assigned with was a bear and this upsets and angers him. He ends up picking a fight with a bear that leads to the murdering of his older brother Sitka who dies and is transformed into an Eagle. Kenai feels outraged and saddened by his brother's death so he decides to kill the bear, against the advice of the tribe's wise woman. When Kenai kills the bear, he himself is transformed into a bear by the universe. His brother, kenahi, believes that it was the bear Kenai who killed the person Kenai and decides to hunt the brother down. As you can see, a cycle forms with the brothers where when someone is killed they each attempt to hunt down the killer and bring justice. Soon Kenai learns from the spirit that he has to go to the mountain to seek the Eagle Sitka where he thinks he may be able to be changed back into a human. He is lead there by Koda, a cub who began teaching him the basics of being a bear and ends up being his biggest hope for survival. Sitka appears and turns Kenai back into a human. Kenai realizes that he doesn't want to leave Koda behind and asks to be turned back into a bear; here he learns the true meaning of brotherhood. This movie relates closely to World Religions as we watch how their religious beliefs shape their lives and their characters. Indigenous religions involve a close attachment to nature and higher powers as seen in the movie through the assignment of the three brothers' animal spirts. Also, when Sitka is killed and Kenai seeks revenge, we see how the tribe's wise woman advises him to accept the death as a part of the universe. In this movie the universe has a lot to do with the outcome of events, just as Indigenous people believe. Because he did not listen, the universe turned him into a bear to teach him a lesson. Many of the lessons taught in the movie were taught by forces such as the universe and nature which reflect indigenous views.

Heather M (br) wrote: This isn't actually the worst dragon movie that I have ever watched. It has a cute plot, a small romance, and a giant dragon. It could have been much better but it was mildly enjoyable.

William R (ca) wrote: The performances are great but the story with one thats a acquired taste

Lee M (au) wrote: The identity of the bad guy is ludicrously obvious; and his public unmasking relies on the dopiest contrivance in recent memory.

Mitchell K (ca) wrote: This movie is excellent, really well written and acted, the director is one of the best in the last 25 years. This is Thelma and Louise done MUCH better and with a far better story.

Private U (au) wrote: Made even more sense than when I saw it in 1969. Handles sex and internal migrants more honestly than could be done now.

Tyler S (ag) wrote: Really dug this action film. There was a good plot involved and many twists and turns. The direction was great, and the car chases were genuine. Where the movie was filmed added a nice touch also. Deniro is smooth in this role. Full of action, suspense, mystery, and betrayal.

Michael L (fr) wrote: Wow! This is terrible, I mean really awful. The plot doesn't make sense, dialogue incredibly clunky and that has to be the worst opening scene and most ludicrous sex scene in movie history. You can't take your eyes off it though, like a car crash. I love it.