Brotherhood offers a rare look into the world of a New York City firehouse.

Brotherhood offers a rare look into the world of a New York City firehouse. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brotherhood torrent reviews

Hctor C (nl) wrote: uff Malsima es poco....

Mushfiq A (au) wrote: Since, it's a Chetan Bhagat flick, the degree of expectations were obviously on the higher side. But it turns out to be a utter disaster to say the least.

Jeff L (es) wrote: Trailer looks hilarious.

Katie L (ru) wrote: Gives you a better idea of the man himself - provides a good variety of interviews with Brando, his friends/colleagues, as well as a look at his memorable performances from some of the most influential films of all time. I've yet to see a number of his films, but A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront are two films which have had a huge impact on me over the years. This doc makes me want to watch his movies I've missed out on so far.

Paul D (au) wrote: A heartwrenching, eye opening film that is gratefully acted, directed, and performed with good emotional drama to show the horrors of the lives stolen childhood's.

maclud m (br) wrote: watchable only if you re under 12 years old and if you re wettest dream is to have a really cool mobile and believe it will help you seduce the most gorgeous little brat in school.. horrible... had to write a review after 45 minutes, just to escape watching that unbelievable piece of shit.. damn, it s gettin worse at the moment.. HELP !!!

Johnathon B (nl) wrote: Slow, nearly molasses-like at times, but not unbearable for those who are into this kind of stuff. This is a great story that transcends the romanticism of many foreign-made films about pastoral cultures, while at the same time defends the traditional way of life that is rapidly giving way to industrial modernism in Mongolia. In this way it presents a fairly balanced narrative of a culture undergoing a rough and rapid transition, and the associated costs thereof.

Trevor C (nl) wrote: this film is filled with awesome action and a reasonably good plot, and the only flaw, which for some is bigger than it is for others, is the fact that its kind of like the cliche American action film in the manner of which it's portrayed. that, however, wasn't a flaw for me, but I can see how it can be one for others. its got amazing visuals and fantastic acting and intense, sometimes ridiculously lovable, action scenes.

Chris M (us) wrote: Is this movie trying way to hard to ripoff National Lampoon's Vacation?

Okasoh M (au) wrote: I watched this movie because I was in a weird mood. At first I thought "This is the dumbest movie I've ever seen.." then as I watched more, ILMAO because it was soo stupid! I mean so poorly made it made us all laugh till we cried! I say a must see! So funny.

Andrew K (us) wrote: "If you want to survive, you must forget"...this was definitely worth seeing, and I'd especially recommend it to those interested in the politics of identity and the nation-state. For me, this was especially well-timed since I'd just completed a research project on the 1948 partition and war. Also: the dialogue is great.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: It's a great movie I think that it is now my favorite

Nick A (ca) wrote: A poetic classic of the mundane -- and arguably Leconte's directorial opus.

Timothy S (ag) wrote: Don Coscarelli made a name for himself as one of the most unique horror film directors of the '70's and '80's, but with "Survival Quest", he tries to do something a little different. It's bland, which is not something that you can say about his "Phantasm" films, and it's also a more character driven film than we're used to from the filmmaker. It sounds weird to say, but Lance Henriksen plays the most normal person in the film, but in this case, it works. It's a likable performance and the center of the picture. Indie queen and future Oscar nominee Catherine Keener keeps her talents well-hidden in her feature film debut, but she is kind of goofy-looking. I enjoyed the film despite of myself because as B-movies go, this is one of the better ones I've seen in a while. It takes a while to get going, as the first hour is virtually conflict free. But the characters are enjoyable and the film is never boring, and that kept me watching. Along with Keener, a young Dylan McDermott makes for a unusually mysterious hero. His badass, James Dean wannabe performance is hilariously misguided. Despite the overly simplistic plot and mostly no-name cast, there is some real suspense here and I was surprisingly captivated by this little movie. I had a lot of fun. "Survival Quest" is a pretty ordinary movie, but it gets a lot of mileage out of this well-worn story. Don't write this one off too early because Coscarelli manages to make the most out of this routine picture.

Stuart M (nl) wrote: I appreciate Airplane slightly less after seeing this as the setup is basically the exact same: pilot and stewardess couple having romantic problems, sweet old lady who drinks too hard, nuns, a kid obsessed with planes, a little girl going to an emergency organ transplant (who the nun sings to on a guitar), etc. it's pretty clear that Zucker et al came up with most of their jokes from simply rewriting this script. The film itself starts off fine, if a little melodramatic, but it loses momentum after a while as the emergency response becomes repetitive.

David M (au) wrote: The premise and characters are good, but this film hasn't aged well: what seemed bold and subversive 46 years ago comes across as childishly sexist and racist now. I guess that's the risk of a film that's so in tune with its time.

Kevin S (mx) wrote: Pretty much what you would expect from a John Wayne/Pro-USA war film where the "Japs" only fight dirty and the Americans only fight nice. There are other movies from this era that have aged much better.

MattChu P (mx) wrote: Maybe the best marijuana movie I've seen!

Bhavesh M (au) wrote: funny film. good story like...kinda lol

Anna P (nl) wrote: This was actually a pretty nice film.Visually very nice. Imaginitive aliens. Adventure, suspense, a bit of comedy.You know it will end well and how it will end, yet you still want to see how it will happen.