Photographer Sami, maybe 35 and living in a loveless marriage, has to travel south to Pärnu, Estonia, to find his much younger brother Joni and get him back to Helsinki for treatment. Joni, around 20, is possibly fatally ill but would rather stay in Estonia enjoying a simple life together with a local girlfriend Rimma and her little baby.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Estonian,Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   search,   doctor,  

Photographer Sami, maybe 35 and living in a loveless marriage, has to travel south to Pärnu, Estonia, to find his much younger brother Joni and get him back to Helsinki for treatment. Joni,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shawn R (de) wrote: Almost like a modern day From Dusk Till Dawn. Starts out as drug addiction / trafficking movie and turns into an eerie horror movie that makes you wonder what is going on.

Leslie R (gb) wrote: Same old story of teenage seduction of an older married man...

Alex S (us) wrote: Not quite as hilarious as the original, but still a worthy sequel if you want to see the where Marion and her family are now. Julie Delpy is such a generous filmmaker, there's a riotous fun aspect to the film with all the French people behaving badly you can't help but laugh: from Marion's father's childlike antics her sister's pathological competitiveness... and for those in the know from 2 Days in Paris Marion's own neurosis rears its ugly head when she sells her soul for as a conceptual art piece.Chris Rock doesn't do a bad straight man, and plays his occasional woodenness as appropriate disbelief at the anarchy.

Felicia S (ag) wrote: One word describes this movie Incredible. I had a wonderful chance to see her live, on this tour for the second time. Its very intimate at times, and at times you fell like your traveling with them. Its amazing.

Daniel B (es) wrote: A documentary of a horrible movie should only be done by a cast member of said horrible movie. The resulting documentary came across as a caring movie trying to understand the lasting impact of the movie and not taking itself so seriously. It worked.

Jeff Y (gb) wrote: In a cold and dreary england, how is it that the protagonist has the orangest tan ever? Only notable for the appearance of Little Britain's Matt Lucas

katelyn s (br) wrote: U MUST C THIS MOVIE!!! it will make u cry, larf and smile all at the same time.. if u dnt watch the movie, read the book, its beta... yes, i did cry in it :D

Mithun G (br) wrote: Great film. Almost magic realist.

Alexandra V (jp) wrote: Touching, horrifying, sad piece of art...not yet appreciated.

Frances H (fr) wrote: I saw this movie when I was 18, and it was lousy then. Can't imagine it has gotten any better with time. Don't waste yours.

Marvin N (it) wrote: what's with the italian dialogue at the beginning?

Art S (fr) wrote: For a 7 1/2 hour silent film serial seen nearly 100 years later, its striking major accomplishment is that it is fun. An intrepid reporter and his wacky friend Mazamette chase the evil criminal gang The Vampires through 10 episodes full of secret doors, letters with invisible ink, poison gas (or poison champagne), kidnappings, robberies, incredible stunts, and general mayhem. Feuillade never moves his camera (although he does cut frequently within scenes) but within the scene there is movement, deep focus, and a great use of framing. To this eye, it is modern enough, in technique and story, that I'm ready to start a conspiracy that it is a faux silent film (actually directed by Kubrick, taking a break from directing the moon landing for NASA).

Samuel B (gb) wrote: I give two stars to the legendary diner scene. The rest of the movie gets zero stars.