Bruce Almighty

Bruce Almighty

Bruce Nolan toils as a "human interest" television reporter in Buffalo, N.Y. Despite his high ratings and the love of his beautiful girlfriend, Grace, Bruce remains unfulfilled. At the end of the worst day in his life, he angrily ridicules God -- and the Almighty responds, endowing Bruce with all of His divine powers.

Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey), a television reporter working in Buffalo, NY, is dissatisfied with his existence, and after a particularly bad day, he becomes angry and curses God to make his life miserable. And then, one day he meets the God and the God accepts his plea, God gives him what he wished is to have the power of God. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Derek D (ag) wrote: A horribly written script. Story's are made of 'there for' and 'buy' beats. This movie was made of 'and then' moments. Nothing tied together. Watch a young man fall for a crazy woman. Why? Because she gave him a blow job? Why did she? She liked him she said. Why? I'm unsure because the date went wrong. The characters dialog will go on for pages until a point is made. The director/writer will tell us more than he shows. The framing is boring. Hardly moves and holds wide most of the time. What is the theme? Unsure completely. They say it's something about innocence lost. Well, sure but you never gave me anything to think about.

Eric H (it) wrote: Interesting. Sad. Inspiring. Beautiful. Whether you're a long-time fan of Big Star, or someone who has just discovered their music, this documentary is powerful and moving. It shows the heart, soul, mind and flesh of the people who created this extraordinary music. Like many unique more, you either "get" Big Star or you don't. You either feel something profound, or dismiss them as just another 70's rock group. Art is subjective.Big Star's influence reached from obscurity to guide the hands of music's most acclaimed artists, and their body of work speaks volumes to their fans. As a band--as people--they have nothing left to prove.

Ioan S (au) wrote: A very strange film. Not The Naked Lunch kind of strange but extremely open ended to the point where we never saw the end coming. A strange character film but yeah.. Still interesting.

Jenn T (ag) wrote: Not a horrible low budget movie but a little bizarre.

Oussama B (jp) wrote: This is nothing... that's bullShit !

Jonathan G (nl) wrote: Good action movie with a fitting conclusion. Well executed and acted film.

Arina H (gb) wrote: Yo-te-vi-Yo-te-vi-Yo-te-vi-Yo-te-vi-llorando...

Simon M (ru) wrote: A painful documentary. I'm amazed they allowed it to be released, should come with a free copy of Spinal Tap.

Eric L (au) wrote: Things I can cross off my "Never thought I'd see list: Klingon Heavy Metal Band... check. Serbian fans who saw Star Trek as a possible future escape from war... check. The Dorkus Maximus from the first Trekkies movie sans mullet and married... check?

Gabriel K (ca) wrote: A very average thriller from an acclaimed Italian director who made his name in comedy-dramas. The pacing was odd - the movie seemed to drag at times for no apparent reason, and the flashbacks were awkwardly placed. Perhaps if it was edited differently (and cut by some 20 minutes) it would have been much more effective. There were also too many plot holes, the story seemed contrived and relied way too much on coincidence.

Trevor P (br) wrote: What makes Harry Potter stand out from other franchises is that the books/films smartly mature in tone and theme as their audience does. Prisoner of Azkaban sets that concept off with the believable connection Harry builds with the richly dense Professor Lupin and his compassionate godfather Sirius. But don't be fooled, the dialogue is still weak, as is its continued "kids outsmart the grown-ups" scenario utilized from the first two films that I personally cannot stand.

Magesh R (de) wrote: Roger Dodger is one movie u just have to watch nd feel the magic that's present in the movie..

Ariel R (kr) wrote: Nothing will ever be as good as the first one.

Robert V (ca) wrote: Boring, disposable romantic comedy way too short on the romance and the comedy. The "dog park" premise is barely used. Not that using it would have made for a better movie? just one with a *premise.*

Nata K (it) wrote: While watching this film I kept thinking about "The Freedom Writers." The film is quite average and unrealistic, but now I am wondering if it had inspired the teaching methods of Erin in the above-mentioned film? Then it is worth it.

Kenneth L (de) wrote: True love is never an embarrassment or a mismatch regardless of age or economic station or propriety.

Will the Thrill V (jp) wrote: Angie Dickinson - wow.

Allan C (es) wrote: A total soap opera, but an very enjoyable one. Holden is great as always. "The Bridges at Toko Ri" is still a better drama about the Korean War, but this one is better if you want an all out romantic film.

Lucas G (de) wrote: Despite the brilliant cast, Tarantino's debut feels boring and empty for most of its 100 minutes.