Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave

Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave

A lightning bolt strikes the grave of Bruce Lee. However, that is as much as Bruce Lee has to do with it. Then a kung fu instructor starts a quest to avenge a friend's death, and on the way has a romance with a girl with similar problems. He eventually finds the bad guys behind it all, and has several fights with them...

A lightning bolt strikes the grave of Bruce Lee. However, that is as much as Bruce Lee has to do with it. Then a kung fu instructor starts a quest to avenge a friend's death, and on the way... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erica Z (jp) wrote: It has its moments and the actors do a very good job, but the pacing of the movie was off, and it's not something I really see myself watching again despite being glad I watched it.

Patryk C (au) wrote: Kiyoshi Kurosawa created one of the most irresistible, unique and realistic social dramas of our times. It's a tragicomedy that doesn't stop to impress with its harsh take on one family's struggle to overcome the overpowering crisis. When their lives start spiraling out of control, every one of the members goes on a refreshing and difficult journey into solitude and liberation. The movie doesn't explain most of its bizarre touches, but this is exactly what makes the movie so enchanting. What's disturbing is that this is what may actually happen to every one of us in this hard times. While the peacefulness and tranquility of the lives are interrupted, the ending is sure to bring some happiness into this stark and impressive drama.

max h (br) wrote: Revenge is a vicious Ouroboros that can claim the soul. This is greatly portrayed by Spielberg and his actors. Not quite as great as some of Spielberg's other dramas, but powerful none the less.

Matt G (jp) wrote: I consider it a harmless, somewhat enjoyable teen comedy.

Jim T (fr) wrote: Do you like leprechauns? Are you a fan of racist stereotypes? Look no further!

Mike D (es) wrote: This is what true love is all about. This is great love story.

(kr) wrote: this was a very crazy film. it was scary in the sense that it could happen to you. What would you do if some psycho cop got obsessed with you and stoked you and tired to force his way into your life. who would believe you, if they are well known and well liked.

Lemon D (br) wrote: Horrible film, regardless of it's release date. It's essentially about immature young adults interacting they way they think mature adults should when faced with life-altering decisions and the opposite sex. The dying young man is a near-stalker head case (his cancer is the least of his issues), so it's very hard to find sympathy for him. It's also difficult to understand why the female charter would ant to take on such an odd "nursing prostitute" role. Somewhat painful and hopelessly boring to watch; I hung in there hoping for redemption of some sort. It never comes. Instead, a sappy NON-ENDING leaves you even further disgusted. I ended up not caring about either character - I felt the most sympathy for the man-boy's father and the woman's construction friend. Go figure, as these strong side characters were meaningless, plot devices. Save your time and SKIP it.

BILL M (de) wrote: this is where i get my love for Hawiian shirts!

Aaron B (ca) wrote: unless your a die hard Ava Gardner fan I'd say stay away.

Bheema D (gb) wrote: If you're into the Orwellian futuristic concepts, you'll dig this movie. If you're into the history of film, you'll also dig this movie, for this is a perfect example of how filmmakers had a bit of a bumpy road transitioning from silent to sound. But aside from that, it's not very good. The acting, script and songs are 100% real corn, the best visuals taken from Fritz Lang and Georges Melies, and the production value mismanaged.

Carlos I (fr) wrote: Predictable, cheesy and a lackluster ending, but it's still fun Sci-fi B-Movie schlock. There's actually some cool designs, and potential for real scares here.

Justin P (au) wrote: Typical cheesy, fun Adam Sandler movie. Not great, but still a good time.

Jon C (au) wrote: Julian Sands rules playing the titular villain; he's charismatic and doesn't wink an eyebeing a servant to the devil he's on a mission to bring about the end of creation for the worldbefore his execution he is transported to our modern world to collect the remaining pages of Hell's bibleluckily Redferne follows him from the 16th century and he teams up with a girl, Kassandra not any real scares but Sand's performance alone makes the movie so much fun seeing him use his otherworldly powersGrant and Singer play very well together both wanting to track down the warlock to each get somethingit's a bit more low-budget than it appears, still, Sands is the best part