Bubu leaves his job in a bakery, forces his girl-friend into prostitution, and from then on lives out of the money she makes. The young couple find their place in the world of prostitutes ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

Bubu leaves his job in a bakery, forces his girl-friend into prostitution, and from then on lives out of the money she makes. The young couple find their place in the world of prostitutes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura R (mx) wrote: Once in a while, I fall off the film critique's high horse and have a good cry. This film is just so good. Han Thi Pham is like a Vietnamese Amelie.

Kong M (fr) wrote: terrific, very well-written work of an anime masterpiece. A lot better in content compared to GITS: innocence...but then, i hvnt watch the series so i wouldnt know much. Still, a deep, condensed, but original and intriguing thriller film like this in a film/anime is a rare gem that can only be superceded by fewer shows of similar genre such as the dark knight.

B L (kr) wrote: I both liked and disliked this movie. Liked -- interesting ideas, the low budget, the acting. Disliked -- how complicated the story is! I had to go online afterwards to try to piece together what just happened! (Warning -- if you go online first, you'll see spoilers. I think best to just watch it, be confused, then search later).

Dennis H (it) wrote: First as the biggest complement, let me say it was most definitely not Hollywood. History told in the context of an ordinary .. no not exactly .. guy. How extraordinary where a film can take one!

Jake L (ru) wrote: A classic. A must see movie for anyone with a pulse.A masterclass in acting from the ensemble cast , particularly Samuel L Jackson. Though De Niro puts in one of his under the radar performances that gets better the more you watch it.The real stars of this movie however are the sassy Pam Grier and the sublime Robert Forster.Everything you'd expect from a great Tarantino movie. Great dialogue, believable characters with depth, and a punchy story line.It really doesn't get better than this.

mary glo t (us) wrote: I thought the movie will be boring all throughout that's why I didn't pay attention at its first 30 minutes...but as I paid attention to the movie, I found it very interesting...Overall, I found the movie very inspirational and good especially the ending where I cried hard.

Peter D (es) wrote: what disney pirate movies are supposed to be like

Phil H (gb) wrote: I have only just seen this Besson original, I saw the remake yonks ago when I was but a teen and quite liked it to be honest. Upon seeing this I can see how glossy the US remake was but its still better in a few ways...but not many. The original is much better due to the character driven cast which at the time were almost unknown (except in France maybe), it gives the film a much more realistic feel that big name Hollywood stars can't deliver. The action is slicker, harder and has a nice graphic novel vibe about it with great cam angles and gun POV's. Its all pure Besson and if you've seen his other action flicks you will like this for sure.The US remake does have Keitel in it which gives it a few extra points. I also prefer Fonda for sex appeal but Parillaud is a much better actress and looked a lot better with a gun, more professional looking. But then this version has the brilliant Reno as the anti 'Leon' cleaner 'Victor', just wish he had a bigger part, question is was he better than Keitel? hmmm tricky.This is similar to 'The Terminator' in the fact its more gritty, seedier, darker and realistic than the second 'T2', or in this films case the US remake. Again the smaller budget actually works better for the outcome, more money tends to encourage directors to get carried away when they don't have to. More is less and this film certainly feels like more of a sweaty thriller than the Hollywood offering.

Trevor D (ag) wrote: Less of a spoof and more of a degenerate Hammer film.

John M (ca) wrote: The original story of Lindaay Lohan and friends. Kinda hard to adjust to the time lapses...there really werent any transitions.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

xGary X (nl) wrote: The hapless duo go diving for sunken treasure in the South Pacific, which leaves ample scope for jokes about amorous gorillas, rubber giant squids and a wealth of glamorous island maidens. By this time, the Road movies had settled into a production line comfort zone, and the flat direction which lacks the necessary pizazz of the great musicals combined with the deeply unconvincing sound stage bound locations means that Bali relies entirely on the amiability of its stars. But let's face it, these old pros were never going to disappoint. The stream of Vaudevillian skits and songs are very familiar to anyone who knows the series and Hope and Crosby's usual backstabbing and bickering is just as fun as always. It's a bit like watching an extended sketch from a Morecambe And Wise Christmas Special in that the knockabout charm of its stars outweighs the quality of the gags to the point where you can't help laughing at even the weakest of jokes; the groans are just as amusing as the chuckles! Very old school, but still fun.

Gregory W (it) wrote: Powell dances and sizzles, stewart aw shucks his way thru this musical

Serge L (us) wrote: Somewhat realistic depiction of teen ages in the mid-70s. A bunch of now well-known actors play in this confusing film about nothing. Carrie would almost fit in there. Kids seems quite decent with the usual ones endulging their excessive desires of violence and that get come-upenced. The actors look almost all young enough to be in high school and most of the actions and reactions are very typical of the age. A real flash from the past filmed in 93. DVD included real flashed from the past: crying indian, anti-marihuanna and VD ads that gives the creeps and make you laugh. Ads were not very subtil at the time, and did not involve much thinking most of the time. The anti pot ad was particularly inefficient, must have been made by pot-heads!

David F (ag) wrote: The movie in a nutshell:We're getting married!! Wait no. (Repeat x3 + characters who you kind of like making a few chuckle worthy jokes).

Phillip S (kr) wrote: An extensive look into the mind of a man who was both tormented and a genius.