Buccaneer's Girl

Buccaneer's Girl

Buccaneer's Girl is a 1950 American romantic adventure film directed by Frederick De Cordova and starring Yvonne De Carlo, Philip Friend and Robert Douglas. A New Orleans singer becomes involved with a Pirate Lord.

A New Orleans entertainer falls for a pirate who has another identity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Selina T (it) wrote: Pointless film with a crap ending

scott g (ca) wrote: not a great film, but at its heart a interesting premise, they just dident pull it off very well, it got dull, and many parts leading nowhere, for more of a trip and all around more entertaining classic check out the 1977 asian film house, which i would say this takes some inspiration to a degree

Caesar M (kr) wrote: Skateland is an coming of age film that premiered in January 2010 at the Sundance Festival and made me fall asleep in front the film director (which for some reason insulted him). What surprised me though was the fact this film was released more than a year later and its a good thing the studio withheld it from the public because it's nothing worthwhile.Skateland follows Ritchie Wheeler having fun, not caring about any huge dramatic issues, and must be force to choose between staying in a town where he has fun or go to collage with the girl he loves. The movie main issue is the terrible writing. All we see Ritchie Wheeler do is have fun and never takes anything seriously. Why should I care about our main character when he would rather go out partying in a club instead of comforting his father during his divorced. The movie is filled with characters that have no defining characteristics of any kind. The characters are written so poorly that when one of these characters we feel nothing for them nor do we believe the mourning from his friends. The film also feels the need to keep returning two characters that serve no propose for the film but to pad out the run time. Other characters lack screen-time to make any impact on the story or for the audience to care. What really hurts this movie is it title "Skateland" which is where our main character work. Skateland is not properly use for any symbolic propose and is just a tool to move the plot forward. The film also lacks any kind sentiment we have thinking about our youth or past. Particular anyone who grew up in the 80s will have some nostalgic memories when some classics 80s songs play, but that's about the only thing most of it viewer can enjoy. Not once will the audience think of any personal experience when viewing this. Skateland is a weak coming of age film that fails to give characters we can relate too and provides a dull journey not worth taking.I did say earlier I fell asleep in front of it director when the film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and he had a talk with me. He wanted me to specially tell him why I found his movie boring. Aside from the very poor writing, I told him his directing skills are off for a drama film. Firstly, he positioned the camera in the wrong place. We see a shot for long making the already dull movie boring to look at. Another problem was also he does not show his actors face in serious scenes. If the main character we're following is talking to his love interest about her death brother you better show the main character face to give us sense the brother death affected him. I also criticized his taste of music. I told him while the soundtrack is good, he plays it safe going for the obvious 80s classics tune. I kept going mentioning the editing. I told him it's not necessary for me to see two pointless character appear in the film if they have serve no propose. I would have kept going about he forgot to edit out the boom mic in several scenes and explained how he should make a death scene worth caring about, but the director left. Guess some director cannot handle constructive criticism towards their awful works. Though if there is one thing I did enjoy from the film, aside from the 80s classics music, was actress Haley Ramm. Her acting is average at best, but I there was something about her personality that made her very likable.Skateland, just like the phrase "groovy", is better left in the past. Skateland is boring for anyone and a underwhelming coming of age picture.

Corey B (fr) wrote: A very honest to god newfie movie, it really don't more newfie than this movie. Can't say it is well done but it is a honest telling of Newfies who live in the coves.

michelle w (ag) wrote: This show makes me laugh evey single time! I cant get enough he is the funniest man !

Brad G (nl) wrote: Artie sleaze director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, Ms. 45) directs this goofy 80s slasher film starring the oh-so-earnest Tom Berrenger as an ex-boxer turned stripper entrepreneur, Bill Dee Williams as a nail-chewin' badass police detective, and ditzy Melanie Griffith as a ditzy stripper. There's a kung-fuing, nunchucking, razor blade slashing serial killer stalking ladies of the night and only this misfit trio can save New York City from his hack & slash philosophizing. This is not a great movie by any means--it's not even a very good Ferrara film, but it's entertaining. Berenger is solid and Billy Dee is loads of fun as he gruffs and growls through the scenery. VF.

Michael S (de) wrote: For a made for TV horror film, this one really wasn't that bad. The production value is certainly a cut above most that were made in the late 1970's. The camera work was well done, aided by the fact that the movie was shot pretty much completely on location. As is typical with TV movies, there is more of an attempt to develop the characters, and you do come to like them. But, unfortunately, like most monster movies from that time, the monster itself was a little disappointing... and obviously a man in a fuzzy suit. the only other major flaw in this film is that you can still tell it was a made for TV movie. If you can get past those two problems, you'll probably enjoy this movie... even if it's just to poke fun at the monster...

Casey N (it) wrote: Great Classic Movie starring Doris Day & Jack Lemmon.

Brian C (jp) wrote: Scotty doesn't know.Eurotrip is so much fun. A foursome of teens do a (wait for it) Eurotrip for one to meet a hot girl he has been penpalling. They get into some serious hi-jinks and meet some very strange and hilarious characters.While some jokes fall pretty flat, most are good, and there is a lot of fun here.

Bobbie K (mx) wrote: Loved this movie! Well done!

Geoff J (de) wrote: The Dinosaur Poo-ject more like.

Chris S (ru) wrote: A repeat of the first movie with the same kind of manipulative, but meaningless death in the last act. Stop wasting so much money on mediocre movies!

Mandi L (fr) wrote: I really liked it. Amazing cast too. Reminds me of The Usual Suspects...only not quite as good. Almost though. The end was well worth the wait. ;)