Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood

Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood

When two bumbling barbers act as agents for a talented but unknown singer, they stage a phony murder in order to get him a plum role.

When two bumbling barbers act as agents for a talented but unknown singer, they stage a phony murder in order to get him a plum role. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Hollywood torrent reviews

J R (br) wrote: A must see!!Si eres boricua (puertorriqueo) tienes que ver esta pelicula!!!!

Sebabrata B (us) wrote: Will watch this movie tonight. Heard a lot about it.

Michael S (ru) wrote: Brendan Gleeson nails his portrayal of Winston Churchill in this HBO movie chronicling his time in office during the second world war. There's an uncanny resemblance to the real man and it may be hard to differentiate Gleeson's voice in the film from Churchill's recorded speeches. It's a good movie and the highlight of it is the characterization of the man, but given all the historical moments during this time, it probably should have been a longer film or a mini-series as some important events are rushed through or skipped over altogether.

Pascal H (au) wrote: You will love tho hate these 2

Ola G (au) wrote: The two angels, Damiel (Bruno Ganz) and Cassiel (Otto Sander), roam the city of Berlin, unseen and unheard by its human inhabitants, observing and listening to the diverse thoughts of the West Berliners: a pregnant woman in an ambulance on the way to the hospital, a painter struggling to find inspiration, a broken man who thinks his girlfriend no longer loves him. Their raison d'tre is, as Cassiel says, to "assemble, testify, preserve" reality. Damiel and Cassiel have always existed as angels; they existed in Berlin before it was a city, and before there were even any humans. Among the Berliners they encounter in their wanderings is an old man named Homer (Curt Bois), who, unlike the Greek poet Homer, dreams of an "epic of peace." Cassiel follows the old man as he looks for the then-demolished Potsdamer Platz in an open field, and finds only the graffiti-covered Berlin Wall. Although Damiel and Cassiel are pure observers, visible only to children, and incapable of any physical interaction with our world, Damiel begins to fall in love with a profoundly lonely circus trapeze artist named Marion (Solveig Dommartin). She lives by herself in a caravan, dances alone to the music of Crime & the City Solution, and drifts through the city. At the same time we encounter actor Peter Falk, who has arrived in Berlin to make a film about Berlin's Nazi past. As the film progresses, it emerges that Peter Falk was once an angel, who, having grown tired of always observing and never experiencing, renounced his immortality to become a participant in the world. While Damiel is omniscient and lives in eternity, Marion is mortal and lives the human aspiration to be immortal and perfect by wearing a pair of white wings, climbing a rope, swinging from a bar in a cheap circus, toying with death, as there is no net, and with her human clumsiness reaches upward to the grace expressed in the idea of an angel. Her aspiration is both absurd and divine. As one can take only so much of infinity, Damiel's longing is in the opposite direction, for the genuineness and limitedness of human existence in the world. He eventually embarks on this thought with the full realisation that there is no turning back if he decides to do so...Wim Wenders "Wings Of Desire" is yet another movie that has been on my "to see list" and its been there forever it seems. First of all, I am sad to say that I didnt like it as much as I truly hoped I would do. I have had this sense of this being a truly beautiful piece of film that would mesmerise me and give me a shot of love straight into my heart. We get this tale of two angels moving around in West Berlin before the wall came down and eventually one of the angels make the decision to become human to experience everything on the "other" side so to speak. Thats a great piece of script in my point of view. The first half is quite fragmented (both in editing and filming) and in the world of the angels everything is in black/white and in this almost lifeless and dreamlike existence, life moves along in a slow pace while all the angels listens to the thoughts of people. The dialogue is abstract most of the times and the characters inner thoughts are mostly spoken in riddles or metaphors (nothing wrong in that), but it becomes tiresome the longer we move into the running time in my opinion. The idea of putting Peter Falk in the movie as himself and exposing him as a former angel, is a great idea. But, I think that Wender couldve used Falk a bit more in the movie. "Wings Of Desire" is told in a non traditional cinematic way, and I like that, but I do think that the movie really becomes interesting once Damiel has shed his wings and become a human. Then it becomes lifelike and colourful (literally), I reckon showing the beauty of the life we do live and are graced with. Bruno Ganz is great as Damiel and he shows what a strong actor he is without saying so much. I think as well that "Wings Of Desire" is a nice homage to the beautiful city of Berlin just prior to the wall came down. And the end (or final part of the movie you might say) was not as strong as it couldve been either. "Wings Of Desire" is different with a great script/idea as a foundation, but Wender doesnt fully reach what I wanted to see. Interesting fact is that all of the black & white sequences were shot through a one-of-a-kind filter made from a stocking that belonged to cinematographer Henri Alekan's grandmother. And filming the actual Berlin Wall was prohibited, so a replica of the wall had to be built close to the original twice. The first fake wall warped in the rain because the contractor cheated the producers and built it from wood.

Russell S (ag) wrote: Packed with imagination, great characters, puppetry and action this is a most enjoyable movie from start to finish.

RJ H (ag) wrote: An okay western, but I couldn't get past Lancaster playing a Mexican, especially with those really blue eyes.

Chris P (au) wrote: Don Siegel's follow-up to Dirty Harry isn't quite as good, but if you enjoy 70's crime movies, you'll like this.

Nilufer R (us) wrote: I didn't like all this dysfunctional family black comedy / drama with bad jokes and vulgar scenes. I can't relate or understand any of it, most of it just feels like bs, sorry about that, I didn't like most of the cast either.