Budak pailang

Budak pailang

A film about social crime such as gangsterism. Aeril Zafrel stars as the hard-hitting hero of the film alongside newcomer Niezam, while actress Wawa Zainal plays his love interest, who is caught between his dangerous lifestyle and her love for him.

A film about social crime such as gangsterism. Aeril Zafrel stars as the hard-hitting hero of the film alongside newcomer Niezam, while actress Wawa Zainal plays his love interest, who is caught between his dangerous lifestyle and her love for him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shane M (es) wrote: A lot more interesting than you might think ... goes to show what complete dicks most people are .

Conrad K (br) wrote: I don't know how with all the great comedic actors in this movie, how could it be so bad. The story was terrible, the characters were horrible. I had never heard of this movie, and still think it's worth watching just because so many good people are in it.

surya r (au) wrote: Ajith acting is cool

Nils M (mx) wrote: Dont know what to say about this movie....

Terry O (jp) wrote: Jack Nicholson & Michael Caine in a dark, gritty thriller like they used to make `em. I said NICHOLSON & CAINE!!! (I need not say more...)

Michael S (mx) wrote: When I was a younger man, I watched this movie and I enjoyed it. Now, in the hopes of steering others away from this, I have watched it once again. The torture only lasted an hour and a half. So, what is about? Do you really need to know? Are you really going to watch this? One of the worst things about this movie is that the actors in the movie are doing their best, which is sad. They all believe that they are making something that is truly worth watching. It says so in their acting. Poor, poor souls. It's about a puppet master that has returned from the dead, with the help of his alive puppets. He comes back, people are killed, bad news all around.

Derrick P (kr) wrote: 'Cane Toads: An Unnatural History' is absolutely delightful. People love these toads, hate these toads, and even smoke these toads. Ahhhh snap!

elise h (fr) wrote: very funny, a great parody of all the old western cliche's. very funny!

Felipe F (au) wrote: Dull and flawed, Bonnie and Clyde is an overrated tale of a potential entertaining story - but it nonetheless brings some fine acting to compensate, especially Faye Dunaway's star turn.

D M (kr) wrote: Richard Pryor is a computer nerd who inspires the scheme in Office Space. Definitely more adult in message as Superman becomes one bad hombre. This film contained one of the first scenes which terrified me as a child (the end when the computer turned the bull-dyke into a cyborg). This sequel is actually a bit more high-concept than it is given credit as Superman faces himself in an all-out schizophrenic battle. I never think of this as a Richard Pryor film, per se, but this may one of his best. The funnest of the bunch.

John M (mx) wrote: It's entertaining to some degree but hard to actually latch onto any character with Julianne Moore playing all different arcs that don't make sense and the rest of the characters more or less shallow archetypes with the direction playing up a feel good Lifetime feel near the end, there's not too much to watch here.

Croce S (jp) wrote: Amidst the autumnal foliage of New England, a child stumbles across a dead body. While he is off finding his mother, it is discovered by elderly Englishman Captain Wiles, who is convinced that he shot the dead man (whose name he discovers to be Harry Worp, of Boston, MA) whilst hunting rabbit. He resolves to hide the corpse and be done with the affair, but is interrupted numerous times, first by neighbour Miss Gravely. Her genteel invitation to her house for coffee and elderberry muffins that afternoon marks the first of the film's many changes of tone, and at first watching the two casually discussing the corpse in an exchange of pleasantries comes across as surreal. This jars at first, but as Captain Wiles hides behind a tree while numerous other characters respond to the discovery of the corpse with varying degrees of indifference, we soon become acquainted to the idea that a dead man in a forest is no big deal to the local population. The Trouble with Harry is a film which fluctuates in tone and focus. The MacGuffin in this instance is Harry himself, around which Hitchcock has his characters dithering between burying and then exhuming him, each time altering their decision based on a new piece of information as to who exactly killed Harry. Alongside this rather black comedy, Hitchcock develops a tongue in cheek romantic comedy in which Captain Wiles falls for Miss Gravely and the artist Marlowe falls for Harry's estranged widow. I found this blending of genre conventions reminiscent of Truffaut's later, and in my opinion less successful, Shoot the Piano Player. For where the changes between tone can seem abrupt and dissonant in Truffaut's film, Hitchcock proves his mastery by allowing changes to take place so seamless they almost appear natural if one suspends disbelief. For example, at one of the many intervals in which Wiles and Marlowe are burying Harry, their conversation ends up digressing - via a natural progression from a tense discussion of their fraught situation - into panegyrics to their respective beaus. Because such wildly different types of scene are linked together with such continual mastery, I almost failed to notice the transitions, and spent more time laughing at a very crude but very effective form of comedy based around four people moving a corpse about interspersed with whimsy, sometimes campy interlocution. The pace is meandering overall and there is no real sense of tension until right at the end (and even then it is slight), but as an exercise in genre transgression and self-parody, The Trouble with Harry is an impressively tight and constantly funny film which practices the sort of mildly black comedy no longer found in films.

Rick D (ag) wrote: Joah, doet het goed. Niet veel bijzonders