A young man of modest means romances a spoiled rich girl at the behest of her father. Complications, sparks and romance ensue.

Shanta (Sadhana) is wealthy Rajbahadur Murthy Sagar's vivacious and uppity, orphan granddaughter. Her character is developed as pretty, haughty, aware of herself and contemptuous of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Budtameez torrent reviews

Thomas H (br) wrote: I have to say, this was pretty good. It's bloody and creepy. The first half wasn't that great, but the last half was really good. I didn't like the ending, but it's predictable. Some scenes are a little hard to watch, too. This was like Wrong Turn and Hostel combined, so of you like those, definitely see this.

Adriel L (de) wrote: Great documentary. Got to know the man personally.

Canem C (jp) wrote: breathtaking, if you are into dance and music of Iberia...mi favorito es la Sevillana, siempre ;)

francis s (ru) wrote: an honest look at how the biggest metal band in the world go into a downward spiral and hit rock bottom. it is more revealing than most most music documentaries

Tsubaki S (es) wrote: Spike Lee is aiming for too many things here, in some is a hit, in others are a miss. The first half builds up around the usual relationships stuff, then the second half forgets about the first and goes into a socio-political-commentary rampage. Also the movie depends on just way too many wishifull thinking and "happy coincidences" to work properly and be convincing. If only Spike cut it off the political stuff, his movies would be actually a lot better. John Turturo's character, and all his dialogues and scenes were like if Spike was doing a parody of Do the Right Thing.

EBONIE I (br) wrote: Liked it better than the first one!

Bill B (jp) wrote: Finally got around to watching this with the wife after purchasing no less than three DVD copies that had no sound on them. The film has a certain iconic stature in the 'chick flick' genre, and I'm happy to have finally crossed it off the list of shame.It's a very charming story, though I would take slight issue with the perhaps too intentionally heart-string tugging moments towards the end, but I guess it's to be expected in this genre.Recommended.

David S (kr) wrote: A 50's troubled teen flick updated with more booze, drugs, sex and punk rock. The moral: have places for kids to go at night or they'll burn down your stinking town.

Bill B (it) wrote: I have to give it at least a half rating, because I watched it to the end. But that was based on a hope for something more weird than the Mary Poppins of vigilante movies.