Buenos Aires Vice Versa

Buenos Aires Vice Versa

This is Buenos Aires, its characters, its history, its reality. A complex movie for a complex city, depicted in the character's language, and in their relationship with the present and the past

This is Buenos Aires, its characters, its history, its reality. A complex movie for a complex city, depicted in the character's language, and in their relationship with the present and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakash G (fr) wrote: an awesome movie....had enough action and enough thrills in it revolving around a cute lovestory between guru(sid) and aisha(shraddha).the story was pretty different from the usual bollywood style slapstick comedies or innocent(p.s. dumb) rom-coms so be ready for the change else stay away as this wont be any of those many "similar" bollywood movies being made these days...the storyline is based on everyone's emotions from ritesh deshmukh's frustration(he's the real villian hence) to sid's loneliness+anger(so he turns out to be the new angry young man villian) to shraddha kapoor's peppy full of life nature. in all a nice, well paced, romantic drama with a lot of dishum dishum ;)

Dov D (es) wrote: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse may not be the best animated superhero film out there, or even close to it, but it did provide a complete, satisfying story as well as more than enough action sequences. Bottom line, this may not be Under The Red Hood, but it is definitely better than Doomsday and pretty much any Marvel film. I'd recommend it to any comic book fan.

Greg W (nl) wrote: slow but skarsgard makes it worth the watch

Steven I (jp) wrote: Martin Lawrence is fantastic in this kind of hapless role, comedy genius, add Steve Zahn into the mix and the film is a riot, both play well alongside each other, good plot line, good gags

Alexandria L (au) wrote: Marvelous acting and an unconventional plot will leave a lasting impression on the viewer once they have finished this film. This movie, since it is inspired by a true story, will leave you wanting to know much more about the historical time period...

Sean B (us) wrote: When I was a kid, I watched this so many times cause I loved it so much. So adventure-like and so musical. Songs like 'Shining Time' and 'I Know How the Moon Must Feel' and also 'He's A Really Useful Engine' made me really like it, Lady is a great model of a train that was never made before and it was a great piece of artwork. Unlike most of these critics who didn't have a childhood were being negative about this movie and saying kids better off watching the tv series, well nearly all kids these days are liking movies that are to do with magic and fantasy adventures and this a great example. This was my all-time favourite movie and no one will change that!

Steve S (kr) wrote: mark Dacascos kicks ass!

peter h (fr) wrote: BARBARIAN QUEEN [1985] The BSV DVD Tagline for this film "No Man's Whore, No Man Can Touch Her Naked Steel" instantly spells sleazy 1980's fantasy movie fun with this film. BARBARIAN QUEEN is a pre- XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS run of the mill 1980's fantasy movie with the hero's not being muscular men in loin cloths but scantily clothed women in what can be best described as bra and panties compete with swords. The film sees the enough soft core nudity, wooden acting, weak scripting and tacky sword play to make J.R.R Tolkien to role in his grave. Besides the only notable thing about this predictable 80's sword and sorcery flick is the fact the films un-credited producer is none other than " The King of the B- Movies" (and the one who gave the likes of Jack Nicolson, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese etc) Mr Roger Corman. My rating for this film is a solid 50% for this one.

John C (nl) wrote: Intriguing curiosity is more successful on a visual level than it is on a narrative one.

Aa L (gb) wrote: Probably my all-time favorite sports movie, seamlessly merging ridiculous on-ice scenes with surprisingly real off-ice relationships and veiled social commentary. Iconic characters, great ending, tons of laughs. Loses a star for unnecessarily raunchy dialogue (which makes the movie less recommendable for teenagers), but it's essentially a 5-star classic that is worthy of repeated views.

Courtney T (au) wrote: VG western comedy. It was good to see that there were free blacks in the west. I saw it in the seventies and have seen it quite a few more times.

Maria S (es) wrote: The woman i most admire in the hole world. Really worth to see it, eventhough the movie has not much to do with her real life...