Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill

The story of William "Buffalo Bill" Cody, legendary westerner, from his days as an army scout to his later activities as owner of a Wild West show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Buffalo Bill torrent reviews

Eliabeth J (de) wrote: my kids wanna see this really bad!

Heather P (ca) wrote: This movie was terrifying. A must see.

Roland M (es) wrote: I liked it. A better than average heist movie.

Ken T (kr) wrote: The first one was okay...But then they started to just get boringly stupid"

Gavin P (nl) wrote: A decent Aussie 'comedy', that's really more of a existential drama of share-housing. Sure, some of it's surreal & a little crazy, but it's basically a bunch of self-centered narcissists sitting around talking. Sure, the 'romance' between Dan & Sam is nice, but nothing really happens in the whole 100min. Great soundtrack, though - Stranglers, Nick Cave, Spiderbait... Will have to read the book, which I'm sure is much better.

ANDERSON G (kr) wrote: "American Hystory X" has a message to us through, and for me, this message is passed by the best possible manner, the shock, seen here redemption of Derek, a neo-Nazi who has his ideology put to the test when it is forced to live with the differences, but do not expect here a cute little redemption movie with flowers and fragrant, to where one side is wrong and the other is good, no, here they all are at the mercy of anger at the opposite, not even understand why, Tony Kayne, director of very few movies, tries to show the danger of an ideology, a thought, is white Latinos and blacks hating without any justification or blacks who always have to behave like bandits, is a basquetes game or reckoning, the film criticizes, criticizes and beat up, he is extremely violent, but hardly has blood in it, because its violence is far beyond just the physical. In terms of technical aspects Kayne's great to show the Flashbacks of our protagonist in black and white, and highlight the timeline, he wants to make us remember World War II, meaning that all such discrimination is a thing of the past, and narrative off of Danny and the family unit is great, because if we saw the film without these two aspects we do not apegaramos Derek, on the contrary, we'd hate, and hate is the opposite of what the film wants to preach, we we can not agree with Derek, but if we hate, we are not very different, the soundtrack is accurate, the picture is beautiful, especially in black and white times, the script is extremely intelligent, but leave some loose ends, and the performances are all great, especially Edward Norton, who is a great actor, but unlike the majority of his other films where he has a submissive and apathetic performance, not here, he is threatening, you really afraid, and yet he can pass the dramatic side, this is certainly one of the greatest performances of his career. Finally, the film is much more than a story of racism, the film deals with the human being, but outside the film's message, its technical aspects are amazing, it is a film that everyone should see.

Jed D (ru) wrote: A failure on every level. Very surprising, what with some decent talent.

Charlie M (de) wrote: Tired Vietnam drama that stuffs so many characters into the film, it's hard to care about any of them.

Ivn L (jp) wrote: Luis Buuel como siempre saca lo mejor de Catherine Deneuve

Veniea T (br) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Jason M (ca) wrote: Some of the performances are a little off but it's great overall. It's hard to believe most people didn't think Liberace was gay.

Bill B (mx) wrote: This was one of those oddball films that had somehow eluded me even back in the VHS days, so I gave it a spin via Netfux Streaming and I have to say that it was as middling as most '90s horror tended to be.I'm certainly glad this wasn't a blind buy, or I would be full of buyer's remorse, as I have no clue what occasion I would have to re-watch this one.

Scott R (de) wrote: so well acted and so much discussion merited after seeing the film

Paula B (us) wrote: Anthony Hopkins and Shakespeare. What more can anyone ask? Of course Taymor's artistic vision was kind of fun too.