Bugs Bunny Superstar

Bugs Bunny Superstar

Animator Robert Clampett presents a history of "Termite Terrace," the little shack on the Warner Brothers studio lot which in the 1930's and 1940's housed the animation unit which gave ...

Animator Robert Clampett presents a history of "Termite Terrace," the little shack on the Warner Brothers studio lot which in the 1930's and 1940's housed the animation unit which gave ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter B (it) wrote: Fantastic! The different paralleling storylines: the story within a story and even the symbolisms, though some of them are not so subtle really make the film stand out. Tom Ford's directing and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and atmospheric. The acting is superb, Amy Adams gives one of the best performances of the year, male or female, (it even surpassed her performance in Arrival, though she was fantastic there too). Gyllenhaal is also amazing, both of them gave very subtle and extremely convincing performances. Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are extremely entertaining also. I absolutely loved it.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Postman Pat has certainly gone through a make-over since I was watching the original television show in the early 80's. Most disappointing is the fact he no longer drives a van with the 'Royal Mail' symbol on it. I guess as an update it's fine for children of my age then, now.

Arun K (ca) wrote: A snappy pacy first half is let down by a weak second half. Robert Downey Jr. seems to have a panic attack but somehow that isn't explored much. Another racy movie though but doesn't live up to expectations.

Daniele C (mx) wrote: Poetic but with some minor gaps that undermine the overall quality.

Josh Z (br) wrote: It could have been worse. In fact, some parts were pretty decent. Cameos were good, Jackie Chan being Jackie Chan was good. Some dialogue and scenes were clever. Overall, it could have been better and considering the massive budget, it should have been.

Mark G (au) wrote: This movie Doesn't Exist

Andre R (nl) wrote: One of the best WWII films ever made.

Matthew W (ag) wrote: Finally, one real example of "change" I can get behind!

Kenny N (ca) wrote: The original "Sleepaway Camp" actually deserved a sequel, as there seemed to be a whole lot more of the story to tell. But unfortunately, the sequel it GOT was this one, which is a wacky "Scream" type parody of horror movies. None of the suspenseful mood or whodunnit mystery of the original. We know who dunnit-she's right there on the poster. But what manages to hold your interest is that her portrayal (I won't tell you who the character is, in case you haven't seen the first film) by Pamela Springsteen (Bruce's sister) holds the film together. Her Annie Wilkes-like swings from faux cheeriness to cold blooded murder is the truest source of comedy here-NOT the subtle-as-a-lobotomy digs at Freddy, Jason, and Leatherface. Not sure if you'd call this a recommendation, but if you see only 1 "Sleepaway Camp" sequel, best make it this one.

Chris M (ca) wrote: The movie isn't good in the least sense. However, it does offer a surreal look at the 80's impression of how the future will look.

Louise N (gb) wrote: Great Movie from way back and funny as hell.

Smithcmscksaolcom S (jp) wrote: The Best especially for its era.

Andrejs P (jp) wrote: dude comes back from vietnam, goes to germany. dresses like a1930's gangsta and kills some people. of course there is a twist to all of this. movie seemed flat....almost like it was made by a college student. definitely not going on my favorites of film noir. if you dont like this genre, dont waste your time

Augustine H (de) wrote: In response to the heroic, if not farcical Jame Bond, Martin Ritt offers a more tragic, yet realistic overview of the life of a spy. To patriots, individuals should always be placed under the nation. But what is the point of surviving in the world where there is utterly no trust at all? Dated as it may seem for the Cold War background, what Alec Leamas, one of the finest performances played by the underrated legend Richard Burton, experienced is now even more applicable to us as the world is becoming more complicated. One thing more, Martin Ritt's adaptation of John le Carr's novel is way friendlier to viewers than Tomas Alfredson's almost 50 years later - at least the trouble cannot be resolved by simply wandering aimlessly between the office and the benches in seaside!

Jace L (ca) wrote: Spring in a Small Town is a poetic look at a classic theme, part haunting, part contemplative, and all around beautiful.

Sanity Assassin (it) wrote: as i'm not too familiar with the actors of this period except for slightly with david niven i feel i can't comment on them too much. i noticed the chap who plays the undertaker in dads army was in it. the film itself was a bit of a character study of each of the D.O.G.S. and about the build up to them seeing some action. well thought out and well executed. also much better than one of the later carol reed films "our man in havana" which i've seen

laura b (mx) wrote: not as good as I thought it would be considering the cast. Was expecting to see more of angelina jolie. The storyline was very confusing and not explained well.

Stuntman Mike M (us) wrote: Must See! One of the best Slasher films ever made!

Jordan G (ca) wrote: Titus is one of the best screen adaptations I had ever seen. It doesn't take place in the past, nor future, but seems to be in a completely separate world, or "in a land far far away." By removing the world in which it takes place, the Shakespearean language works for the film, rather than against it. Also, the scale of this film is huge! Huge palaces, amphitheaters, tables, beds, everything. And not to mention violent. More than a pair of hands are sliced off, throats are cut, human flesh is consumed, pointless murder ensues. This is a story about bloody revenge and there is a lot to be offered. Also, the performances were on key. Everybody did a good job of translating the Shakespearan language into communicable tone and gesture for the audience. Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange, and Harry Lenix in particular were golden. It is a very long movie - almost 3 hours - and it has to be said, that this play isn't on the better half of Shakespeare's work. At least in my opinion. Solid adaptation, performances, and production design. It's just the story didn't grab me is all.