Bullets or Ballots

Bullets or Ballots

After Police Captain Dan McLaren becomes police commissioner, former detective Johnny Blake publicly punches him, convincing rackets boss Al Kruger that Blake is sincere in his effort to join the mob. "Bugs" Fenner, meanwhile, is certain that Blake is a police agent.

After Police Captain Dan McLaren becomes police commissioner former detective Johnny Blake knocks him down convincing rackets boss Al Kruger that Blake is sincere in his effort to join the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will L (nl) wrote: While the sleazy, sexual elements of the film are true to the pulpy exploitation films to which it pays homage, they do become tired and discomforting. The action and gore, however, are amusingly bombastic and over-the-top.

John Eric D (us) wrote: I feel bad for Katherine, she was way too awesome in "Knocked Up". Now she should have better roles.

Pgh Nick E (es) wrote: Less the story of the whole scene than it is the story of the closet racist, spoiled suburban brat Ian MacKaye's Minor Threat, with some ode to Bad Brains. not even mentioned are the Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, the Adolescents, etc. a real let down.

p b (au) wrote: I'm not much for swedish film, most of the time I get embarassed because it's so bad.. This one is actually good! Nyqvist is great!

Allaiyah W (nl) wrote: A mindf**k adult cartoon with truly repulsive character designs.

Andrew S (jp) wrote: It's sad... Pacino was in a horrible, horrible film... very sad

Hannah D (ru) wrote: How could the combination of mining and a brass band make such interesting film material? I don't know, but it worked! Without a doubt the lovely music played by the brass band made it special, but even without that, there were lots of really good kitchen-sink drama kind of scenes which I love.

Rodney E (gb) wrote: A lame attempt at trying to capture the 90's Generation X scene. Nothing says angst like Ethan Hawke playing his crappy song at a coffee house. Winona Ryder is beautiful if that counts for anything.

Johnny S (mx) wrote: ok this movie is pretty well of the based on the true story of the 1971 and the based on the book by robert daley. so little bit of disappoint in the middle of the film and some well done treat williams's acting and the director sidney lumet (it like similar of his film "serpico" with al pacino).

Taylor N (mx) wrote: I almost couldn't make it through this. It's mostly just weird-kind of boring.

Armando B (jp) wrote: This is a movie wether you ate going to like or not, depending on the story how is going, the actors were okay, but I think that the one that deserves most of the credit is the little boy. The movie haded its moments, but it stayed all the way thru the end. With an ending that was going to be obvious. So for this being an okay low budget film but still missing some elements, I give "Carjacked"a D.

Bob N (jp) wrote: Not typically my type of movie but got hooked on this movie. Hanna character is so awesome. Stylistic at times, then other just attention getting scenes with great suspense. Replay type movie for me.

Jason K (ru) wrote: Its impossible to go back and watch a Stephen King film, the acting is closer to a high school play then anything that should ever be on film.

Stefanie W (de) wrote: Oh my gosh, I forgot about this movie! I loved this, guilty pleasure I guess!