Bumblefuck, USA

Bumblefuck, USA

Distraught by the suicide of her gay friend Matt, Alexa travels from Amsterdam to her dead friend’s small American town, hoping to uncover the reasons that led Matt to take his own life. She arrives with a backpack, her video camera and intentions to make a film about what it must be like to be gay in Bumblefuck, USA. At the end of her hot summer weeks in Bumblefuck, she’s made a new special friend, clashed with others, and ultimately discovered more about herself than she could ever have imagined.

Distraught by the suicide of her gay friend Matt, Alexa travels from Amsterdam to her dead friend's small American town, hoping to uncover the reasons that led Matt to take his own life. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabriel K (ru) wrote: OK for a B horror movie. The acting is horrid, but it manages to generate decent suspense early on. Once the premise is revealed though, it loses steam completely. Apparently a remake of an obscure 70's movie but I have not seen the original.

WS W (kr) wrote: Too farce, too absurd, almost out of control.

Arnesh S (us) wrote: Transcend from this world to another. Jared Leto enthralls with every word he speaks, every look he has. A true masterpiece.

Carlos Z (kr) wrote: Odd movie. Not very thrillerish

Adam R (es) wrote: An odd psychological film that was interesting to see once. It wasn't a bad movie, but ultimately too disturbing for me. (First and only viewing - 7/30/2016)

Rob S (ca) wrote: It is surprising how funny To Be or Not to Be actually is. It does not make a mockery of ALL Nazis seeing that the main villain is smart and cunning, but it does make buffoons out of the high command or enlisted Germans who follow orders blindly without questioning the logic behind the orders. The Germans who are fooled are fooled by nothing other than an acting troupe with Jack Benny at the helm, showing the Germans as buffoons who take in information at face value.As the movie begins, the audience laughs at the ridiculousness of the acting troupe performing as the high command under Hitler's third Reich. This comedy is interrupted by a soldier becoming infatuated with Tura's (Jack Benny) wife to the point where he thinks they will have a future together. This relationship finishes setting up the first act, and the audience regains the gift of comic relief when it is the acting troupe who must save Tura's wife and bring down Hitler's high command as their identity is nearly compromised.The humor in the film has a wide range. At times it consists of Jack Benny complaining, but mostly the humor deals with the dramatic irony that the German command is unaware of the acting troupe's true identity. The troupe moves along with its plans with great ease as most Germans take them as fellow Germans and do not see past the costumes. Making the Germans puzzled is almost as wacky as watching a Marx Brothers movie, but it is not exactly the same type of humor since the Marx Brothers deal with rapid-fire jokes and physical comedy such as matching action to make characters believe they are looking into a mirror. In the case of To Be or Not to Be, the actors lead the Germans to believe they are dealing with officials, creating a similar illusion to the "mirror" antics of the Marx Brothers.An interesting notion of this film is that it was made at the time of the war, but does not induce fear of the enemy (Nazis) at any time during the film. Showing that the enemy can be imitated, and that, in fact, Hitler is "just a man with a little moustache," it illustrates how little people had to worry about the enemy at that point in time by portraying the enemy as buffoons, not unlike Chaplin's The Great Dictator.To Be or Not to Be is a great, overlooked World War II comedy, and while it may not be up to part with The Great Dictator, it deserves more attention.3.5/4.0

David W (br) wrote: Blade Runner is a must see cult classic for everyone with a musical score and science fiction grit

Tom H (kr) wrote: Good solid Western.with elements of reality mixed with fiction, the story of Buffalo Bill becomes nearly a symbol of the wild west. Joel McRea suits this part well but Anthony Quinn as an Indian, not so much. It even looked like he hated the part. As i see Quinn as a great actor i think he purposely gave a so so performance.

Danny M (us) wrote: Great film! First act was a bit weak but when it got going was so good! Loved it

Chef Shalviya D (br) wrote: this is very good movie

Katherine R (us) wrote: Love is all around and Christmas is the time to let it into your life. The movie celebrates love between people of all walks of life. The cinematography is poor, shot on 35mm film. The movie is also a bit long at 135 min or at least seems that way, but a great movie for Christmas night. You should watch it at least once. It was on many favorite Christmas movie lists this year.

Eric R (gb) wrote: no No NO!!!!!!!!!! Piece of trash