Bumm Bumm Bole

Bumm Bumm Bole

Khogiram (Atul Kulkarni), his wife (Rituparna Sengupta) and their kids Pinu (Darsheel) and Rimzim (Zia) belong to a terrorist dominated region. Khogiram and Ritu have a hand-to-mouth income working for a tea plantation and can barely manage things. The kids are affected by this as well. They go to a respectable school as it is Khogiram's ambition to give them the educational opportunities he missed. But the financial crunch makes it difficult for kids to match the standards of the school. They don't have enough money for uniform or shoes. Things become worse when Pinu misplaces Rimzim's only pair of shoes in the vegetable shop! Rimzim can't go to school without her shoes. They work out a scheme where both of them share the same shoes. However, Pinu always gets into trouble at school waiting for Rimzim to give him the shoes. He comes to know of the Interschool Marathon where one of the prizes is a pair of shoes. Pinu plans to run for it and win the shoes for Rimzim.

Pinu loses his sister Rimzim's shoes so they both decide to share a pair of shoes until their father has saved enough money to buy a new pair. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cris S (ag) wrote: Boring and it failed to pull off any suspense and horror.

Tom B (ca) wrote: For me this had a similar feel to Robert Altman's 3 Women. I like films like that that give the impression of following an inexorable and elegant logic that you're just not quite bright enough to grasp. In both cases it's probably a false impression but it's very convincing, so you care enough to spend the next few days or weeks trying to puzzle it out.

Amanda K (ag) wrote: I thought it was a beautiful love story. For a man to go to that extent for love is unheard of. It was a enchanting story and once again David Thewlis was incredible.

Josh L (ag) wrote: Not sure what happened here, but this is not the Mad Max I remember from the first two films. It makes sense though because after doing some research this wasn't originally a Mad Max film, but rather a Lord of Flies film. They changed their mind and had George Miller direct the stunts (which there's barely any compared to the first two films) and had George Ogilvie direct the actors. The first half of the film was fine, but the second half is boring, uneventful, and messy. You can tell there's two different ideas clashing because none of the second half of the film matches anything else in the franchise. I've seen people call this Mad Max for children and that is rather accurate. This just doesn't feel like it belongs with the first two at all. A sad way to end the original Mad Max series before it got rebooted.

Tim R (es) wrote: Waiting for the Titanic to hit an iceberg and sink is worth waiting for!

Keira R (gb) wrote: You can't go wrong w/ Tracy & Hepburn & this one's no exception. They're witty, believable and just great together. Usually, these "comedies" are so lame that the word comedy doesn't even apply, but this one's actually pretty funny. I enjoyed it.

Cody S (fr) wrote: incredibly stupid, my type of movie