Bunco Squad

Bunco Squad

Cops go after phony "mediums" that are stealing money from rich gullible old people.

A detective goes after a ring of phony "mediums" who are trying to swindle a rich widow out of her fortune. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan S (au) wrote: 2.5/5. The best of the trilogy, and has a few fun moments, but ultimately the series isn't anything to write home about.

Jenna I (es) wrote: I liked that everybody kept calling Chuck Bass a dick.

laura b (de) wrote: Ok film. Was expecting slightly more from it though, not as much action as I expected. Good cast and good plot.

Colleen T (ca) wrote: At times cliche, at times irritating (the aunt's character was particularly grating), but at all times endearing and earnest. Very sweet, tender film about family, acceptance, growing up, and trial and error. I was absolutely delighted with the end result.

Michael M (es) wrote: By the time you get to the roar of the demon right you'll be squeaking for more! Nightmares! More like quality filmmakingmares!

Raeha B (es) wrote: Basically the only reason to watch this movie is to witness the great Lena Horne sing. Even the dance sequences of Bojangles aren't all that great.

Bailey S (ag) wrote: AMAZING this movie makes you fall in love with Shia. Its funny and clever, it has action, it made me cry. The soundtrack, clothing, and filmography are on point. I've watched this film four times now and I'm obsessed.

Christopher S (kr) wrote: It's Meet the Parents, but with black people. No new ground is broken here, same old "good guy trying to get the parents to like me but I keep messing up" cliche you can expect from movies like this. Good for a Saturday afternoon if nothing else is on.

suwern w (jp) wrote: right. HARMLESS. dots.