Bunny Lake Is Missing

Bunny Lake Is Missing

A woman reports that her young daughter is missing, but there seems to be no evidence that she ever existed.

Ann Lake has recently settled in England with her daughter, Bunny. When she goes to retrieve her daughter after the girl's first day at school, no one has any record of Bunny having been registered. When even the police can find no trace that the girl ever existed, they wonder if the child was only a fantasy of Ann's. When Ann's brother backs up the police's suspicions, she appears to be a mentally-disturbed individual. Are they right? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gimly M (nl) wrote: Katherine Isabelle provides some genuine laughs and the Soska Sisters dish out a few visually compelling shots, but ultimately I can't figure out why this sequel ever got made.

shahad a (es) wrote: awesome movie. best salman khan movie and performance

Kari C (nl) wrote: The movie itself is beyond sucking! However, watch this crappy little gem as Mystery Science Theater 3000 gets its paws on it and it's a ridiculous laughfest!!

Kenneth B (jp) wrote: This is the second film from my Hammer boxed set that has no critic or audience reviews on Flixster. In truth I can see why. This is a lethargic thriller with a lead character who might be likeable if it wasn't for her infuriating naivety and a villain who lacks any subtlety whatsoever, I cared for neither. The editing is woeful at times and the scripting is stale.

Adrian B (es) wrote: A middle-aged couple pick up a young hitchhiker on their way to the lake, for which they have a boat stationed. They invite this young man onto their boat for their joyride on the lake. A plotline that has been recycled many a time, which results in a surprising conclusion, is very tense from start to finish. Polanski's break through film often fools the viewer from one situation to the next. The payoff may not satisfy some viewers, but this first time film for a very famous director is worth more than a curious glance.

Jocey D (jp) wrote: Slow but pleasant till the unsatisfying end? but at least it's good. The brother wakes up. Ann Hathaway is endearing next to Johnny Flynn. Their developing relationship doesn't add up to much but that's basically the entire movie. Songs are engaging.