Bunnyman 3

Bunnyman 3


  • Category:Horror
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Fakinsai
  • Country:USA
  • Director:Carl Lindbergh
  • Writer:Carl Lindbergh

The deadly adventures of Bunnyman continue in the third and final film in the Bunnyman franchise. Bunnyman returns home to find his family running a haunted house
attraction. They welcome him home| but soon realize you can not domesticate a wild animal. Death and mayhem ensue as they turn on one another to fulfill their blood
lust. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bunnyman 3 torrent reviews

intuciic (ru) wrote: not that interesting

floen o (br) wrote: I laughed while reading the string of suspicious "five-star" audience reviews that are so transparent, Naming all the friends in the cast and crew. Really, guys, just let it go.This movie suffered from a stunningly incoherent plot and complete lack of scares. Avoid.

bill s (nl) wrote: Had low expectation going in and the film makers did not even reach those.

Tim B (au) wrote: This movie is pretty bad but I've seen far worse. The story is a big WTF? but it has some decent parts. I'm pretty sure they found the building and then tried to just write a story around using the location however, they went way to far and out there with it. Acting was so so. FX were huh!? and the rest was Duh Fuq!? Coulda been worse. Oh, and halfway through the credits the ending song finishes and I guess they couldn't afford another one so it's just silent for the rest of them. odd.

Shital G (us) wrote: The film didn't explain a lot and it was all over the place. Nothing was scary except for the prison itself and the story made no sense. Waste of time

Scott W (de) wrote: couldnt really get into it

R M (au) wrote: I never write reviews--and although I feel compelled to do so, now, I've ALREADY lost an hour and twenty minutes, as it is. Instead I'll just use a few words to summarize: Mediocre acting and a plot that, were I to describe it as "undeveloped"--would be a serious understatement. This was FREE and I STILL feel like I deserve a refund.

Nlson C (jp) wrote: AUDIENCE SCORE 49%

Natalia G (kr) wrote: Nearly fell asleep in the beginning, then got weirdly idiotic. Left too many unanswered questions. Don't waste your time watching this

Movie K (it) wrote: Not bad effort from director Stephen Fung. But just typical adventurous movie. Andy Lau is just release from prison after 3 years. He is a famous and capable thief. Jean Reno is the cop that caught him and he knows Andy will not just retire once out. Indeed, Andy is working with his disciple Tony Yang and new recruit Shu Qi to steal a necklace. This is the necklace that is valuable if combine with other 2 parts which is call GAIA. Andy was caught back then for stealing 1/3 of it. Eric Tsang is the sponsor and mentor of Andy. Andy want to know who betray him back then. Eric reveal his fiance Zhang Jingchu call the cops and the guy who knock him unconscious and steal the necklace has been hunted down and kill by him. Eric show the dead man's tongue which have a star tattoo. Andy want to get all of GAIA and retire for good. Shu Qi also join them. Jean find Zhang for more info on Andy. She hate him for been a thief. The last of GAIA is in the hands of a richman Sha Yi, who live in a castle and with top security system. Shu Qi pretend to be wine critic and smitten him for an interview so she can go into the castle and recce. He invite her to his birthday party. Tony work on the computer and Andy go in to steal. While dancing, Sha touch Shu and the fingerprint sensor capture his print. Jean manage to warn him about the robbery and she is held. Andy quickly steal the necklace and escape by bike. Tony abandon the rule of not saving fellow thief in danger and save Shu. Jean and Zhang goes after Andy and caught him. Zhang change of mind and save Andy. At the rendezvous point, Eric arrive and want the necklace for himself. Shu works for him too. Zhang is capture as hostage. The cops arrive and Andy ask Tony to escape. Andy makes a deal with Jean he will return GAIA but gotta release him for settlement of matters. At an old abandon building in Ukraine, Andy & Tony reach and trigger the proximity bomb. If GAIA is out of range 1km the bomb explode. Eric is selling to a European gangster. They manage to convince Shu that she will be dead as well once the deal is success. Andy hold her as hostage and Eric just shoot her immediately. The middleman of the deal has actually find Andy before to tell him secrets. The buyer of GAIA is the brother of the guy that steal the necklace from Andy 3 years ago and the one whom Eric cut off the tongue. In fact he is hire by Eric to steal from Andy. Both sides exchange fire. Shu wore bulletproof vest and she is angry Eric betray her. They are corner by him and force to handover the briefcase. When Eric open the briefcase and discover it is the bomb, he quickly ask the car stop. Then the 2nd car bang him and the proximity become more than 1km and it explode. They swap the GAIA and bomb while been cornered. Zhang and Andy kiss and make up. Tony try to kiss Shu but got a slap instead. Jean is happy to crack the case and Andy send him a pair of Chinese stress ball.

Matias M (ru) wrote: Holy F* s*ht... Dont waste your time...

Manly B (us) wrote: Great looking and well done horror flick w/ plenty of scares and enough action and twists to keep you wondering just what in the hell is going on.

Laura M (ru) wrote: Too many unanswered questions. Makes me wish I knew what the plot was because it looks like it would be interesting if it were explained at some point in this movie.

John C (de) wrote: I rented Bleed on a lark based on the recommendation of a friend. I have to be honest when I say my expectations were fairly low. The trailer looked okay, and was filled with faces I'd seen on television shows over the years engaging in your standard "don't go in there" horror movie type scenario. Man oh manischewitz, was I ever wrong! What a hidden gem this was - great cinematography, a stand out performance from Chelsey Crisp and plot with a twist better than a soft pretzel. If I were the type of man who wore a hat (which I'm not - long story, but it involves a head injury), I would tip it to director Tripp Rhame. He did a great job of taking a scenario we're all familiar with and doing something new and compelling with it. Also, some pretty good bloody practical effects. And David Yow from the Jesus Lizard? He was the icing on top of the weird, backwoods cake. Two thumbs up!

Joel R (gb) wrote: Great 80's style horror movie. Fast pacing and ensemble cast performance makes this a great late night watch. Two thumbs up.

JoAnn R (fr) wrote: The low budget was put to good use, the settings were simple, there wasn't a huge elaborate setting or cast and for the most part there was a solid build up to the story.But somewhere along the way all that build up just seemed to shrivel up and disappear. There's all these pieces along the way that paint a picture of who the cast are, what makes them special, the things they've experienced and I feel that this was all built up with some expectation. I expected there to be a reason for it, I expected it to play a roll or a part in everything, but all these little details in the end, meant literally nothing.It felt like it was rushed. A solid story with solid believable characters that was built upon, and then in the moments when you expect everything to be explained, all those personal details of these characters to play out and have meaning... it's a typical B-rated nonsensical blood bath and then credits.Honestly it was horribly disappointing. I'd of rated this as a very high movie, if they'd of actually made some sense out of the things you learn about all of these characters, but in the end it was like someone went "eh, whatever".

Jesse O (gb) wrote: So it looks like my October horror fest, each year I try to watch all horror movies during this month (if I can), has started off with a whimper instead of a bang. Maybe I should have gone with one of the classics like the Exorcist to just start things off on the right foot. Though, honestly, this isn't that bad of a movie all things considered. It's just one whose narrative reach exceeds its grasp. Though, to be fair, that might not be the best way to describe the movie. It's just that the movie wants to do certain things without actually putting in the effort to even come close to try to explain them. But, by and large, if you take that out of the equation, and just focus on the horror itself and the idea behind the horror and what it wants to achieve as it relates to scares, then this is, really, a very decently made horror flick. Though, of course, it's also absurd that I'm telling you to ignore parts of the narrative that don't make any sense or are left unexplained. As I mentioned earlier, there are just elements, like what the hell is the entire town is even doing with these people that have these birthmarks on them. Why are they special and why are they essential to what the town is doing? I know it involves impregnating a woman, to continue the cycle I suppose. The question you may have, though, is what cycle do these people wish to continue? Your guess is as good as mine, because they never give you a clear answer. It's a Satanic-esque cult, I know that much. But that's about it. Outside of that, though, the movie offers fairly basic horror fare, though there's some pretty cool moments here and there, there aren't enough of them to sustain an entire film, that much was obvious. Another thing holding the film back, while it does have a decent idea that they do not go as far with as they could, is that the acting by some of the cast is really fucking bad. Which is weird seeing that, at least out of some of the main cast, the acting is pretty solid all things considered. So it's a bit of a disconnect seeing some decent actors and then seeing some truly awful actors. Thankfully, though, those awful actors aren't always present in the film's events, but when they're there, they definitely make their presence felt. They do help at dragging things down, though they don't drag it down more than the film's unwillingness to really put any thought into their villains' motivations for their actions. It is what it is, and even with those flaws, I still found the movie to be pretty decent once the horror picks up and you ignore the narrative elements. Though I realize that not everyone is gonna be able to do that. Can't fully recommend it, but it could have been much worse.

Jamie T (it) wrote: BLEED isn't one of those long drawn out movies that take forever to get to the good stuff. This movie jumps right in and speaking of jumps, I jumped!!! Several times too! I love when movies scare me. Totally worth downloading on iTunes and watching two or three times in case you missed anything!

Jack R (de) wrote: Saw it in theater, many scary moments, great popcorn flick!

Corey S (es) wrote: The type of sequel where you really need to see the first one to know what's going on, only the original doesn't exist.