Buried Alive II

Buried Alive II

A woman inherits a fortune, causing her husband and his lover to plot her demise by poisoning her. The only trouble is it only places her in a deep coma that resembles death. When an accident occurs in the embalmer's office he doesn't complete the embalming process, causing her to be buried alive. Awakening from the grave, she claws her way out and seeks revenge against the two who caused her supposed demise

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1997
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boat,   poison,   adultery,  

Clint Goodman, the man whose wife and lover tried to get rid of him by giving him a toxin that made him appear to be dead but wasn't. He would be buried alive. He would wake up in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny A (fr) wrote: Decent stories. Kinda slow.

Tara H (kr) wrote: Something of a historical curiosity, this exploitation flick documents the beatnik scene in Britain. At times the acting is rather wooden, and the 'hip' dialogue unintentionally hilarious, but it's nonetheless an enjoyably quirky, fast-paced B-thriller with a good soundtrack, and lots of rising stars in the supporting cast - including Adam Faith, Christopher Lee, Shirley Ann Field, Oliver Reed and Carol White.

The Movie W (ca) wrote: Rich matriarch Elizabeth (Rampling) finds herself living out her final days in the hands of two nurses and a devoted Jewish cook. Sniffing out their impending inheritance, her two children, Basil (Rush) and Dorothy (Davis), return from Europe for a final reconciliation. Basil is a fading star of the London stage while Dorothy is struggling to maintain a lavish Parisian lifestyle following her divorce from a European Prince. Both have a tense relationship with their mother and have shown her little attention previously, something the dying woman is all too happy to remind them of.I've often sung the praises of Australian cinema but along comes Fred Schepisi's adaptation of a popular Aussie novel to leave me with platypus egg on my face. Schepisi was part of the Australian New Wave, a collective of film-makers from the country (and New Zealand) who emerged in the seventies with a series of landmark films like Peter Weir's 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', Ted Kotcheff's 'Wake in Fright', and Schepisi's own 'The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith'. Like the Australian outback, they were beautiful and challenging, often thinly hiding a deep-rooted colonial guilt. In the eighties, the various members of this movement left for the U.S, with mixed results. Schepisi, 'A Cry in the Dark' excluded, found himself lost in the fog of Hollywood mediocrity, helming comedies like 'Mr Baseball' and 'Roxanne'. Now he's returned to his homeland but, sadly, it's a return as bland as any of his American paycheck films.Schepisi's direction is impressive, clearly influenced by Robert Altman, and the trio of lead performances are terrific, as you'd expect from such actors. The problem lies with the script, as bland and uninvolving a piece of drivel as you could hope to find. Australian readers won't like me saying this but 'TEOTS' feels very much like a British film, the sort that features lots of characters sipping tea and saying "bugger" for comic effect. Come on Oz, I know you can do better. Last year you thrilled us with 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'The Hunter'. This year you've started by putting us to sleep with tea and mediocrity.

Daniel G (it) wrote: fell asleep during movie, just bad. only redeeming factor is the name.

Ruby B (us) wrote: Ok...I'm not gay, but Chloe Sevigny was hot!

Frisby 2 (br) wrote: An unnecessary, & completely shitty sequel to the first beautiful one. Some of you will say that I hate this movie because it's a sequel to the first one, no, the truth is that I hate this movie because there is no redeeming features about this sequel, like, at all. Most of us fans hate this sequel for very good reasons, & I cannot picture anyone of any age liking this movie. Take my advice, watch the original one, even if you don't like it, it's far superior to this crap. There are so many, many things that this film does wrong, & I will point out only the top ones right now: Cast: Not one person from the original movie came back in this sequel, like, at all. Each actor in here is forgettable & a complete no name. None of the characters sound like themselves, & hell it is painfully missing Robin Williams who played Batty! Characters: The main character from the first one was Crysta, in this one its Pips, Crysta's BF(?) & the gang of what the hells riding on the beetles from the first one. And just to let you know that in this movie, despite the main focus of the beetle gang, they still don't explain what the hell they are. And NONE of the other characters mentioned in the previous movie ever return here, nor are they even given a small hint of mentioning. No, I'm serious, not a single mentioning of Zak or any other human character, or even the villain from the other one film are ever brought up in this movie. And don't get me started on how the main characters of this movie just become douches. But apparently there WAS a character from the other movie that came back, & that was one of the guys handling the machine, the one with the red hat. But apparently, in this movie, that was not him, it was another character with an accent. So, they used the character from the first one only to not use him as the same character? How does that work? Story: The story has NOTHING to do with the original. The story uses one plot, then another & another, to the point where you're asking yourself what the hell is the point of this movie? Not to mention that it is also completely illogical at a certain point, & then it becomes completely pointless. There is a scene where the human girl character Budgy(?)is about to fall off a cliff, then Batty, a small ass fruit bat, grabs her & lifts her up to safety. Yeah, because a bat that small can pick up a human girl with no problem. And towards then end, remember how in the original every fairy in the movie helps by sealing the villain into a giant tree? Well, in this one, they grab all of the villains in a tree, that's it, just grab them with a bunch of branches. Animation: Let me tell you that the animation in this movie is not only stale, but also half-assessed. The coloring is also cheap. And the worst thing is that in this movie, the fairies don't even have their wings drawn on them about 95% pf the time, which only makes you ask that why do they need the wings if they're not even using them? Songs: Each song in here is poorly written, bland, & utterly laughable. They have nothing to do with the story & give no emotion to the film as a whole, & they just become annoying as a whole. Plus, none of the actors in here can sing. So all in all, this is by far one of the worst sequels to an animated film ever made, as well as the most unnecessary. You're better off watching some the crappy-ass Disney straight to DVD sequels than this. There is nothing magical about this movie, nor even the journey.

VilaSheree G (br) wrote: I can watch this over and over again. It's very cute.

Conrad T (gb) wrote: Good acting from George Scott revealing the weakness of a great general.

Thomas B (us) wrote: ***It's not nearly as good as Locke, another movie set in one location relying purely on dialogue, but Phone Booth did it first, and I've got to give it credit for that.

Norm d (mx) wrote: Way better than the crits & auds are saying. A good actioner that IS a variation on the Ford "Jack Ryan" theme(s), but still good, especially in the last half-hour. This is Bullock's "The Net" updated and probably not as scary - but still, a good 1:45. In the DVD interview by Trailer Park it seems as tho' H. Ford had a significant hand in the plot & direction of a movie that was launched in fits, starts, & stops with the studio(s).