Yuji and his friends are members of the extensive Japanese sub-culture of "otaku" or science-fiction fanatics. Yuji's particular obsession is collecting plastic figures, still inside their ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:Japanese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wheelchair,   japan,   toy,  

Yuji and his friends are members of the extensive Japanese sub-culture of "otaku" or science-fiction fanatics. Yuji's particular obsession is collecting plastic figures, still inside their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cheyenne M (nl) wrote: I just find the description funny. Two "friends"

Johnny W (ru) wrote: I think Sean Penn is our generation's greatest actor, and worst political actor. Another powerful performance by Penn in another heartbreaking but uplifting American tale of the struggle for equal rights for still maligned gay Americans.

Scott E (es) wrote: Run of the mill B Horror flick.

Kyle M (au) wrote: Valuable for the authentic interviews it provides & the relatively balanced look at the subject. I liked seeing how the American military man's viewpoint widened over time.

gustavmarkovic31 (au) wrote: not a great movie. it was a funny idea, crossing two nickelodeon T.V. shows together to form a movie, but it becomes a tiring process in the end. their isn't much of a plotline to go with, and when their is, it is pretty cliche. the animation isnt as good as the first feature-length movie, and the characters weren't all that convincing, but it wasn't terrible. not great, but not terrible.

Joshua T (br) wrote: Gangs of New York is meant for a mature audience. This is not only due to its graphic and violent content but the chemistry being built between all the characters. The abundant dedication to the film was even apparent in its actors mannerisms. On, and off screen all the actors melded together and it was evident in director Martin Scorsese's historical epic. With the exception of some actors, i.e, Cameron Diaz, whose previous roles didn't compliment the films serious undertones. She was a wildly hated character but hey lets face it Jar Jar Binks wasn't a peach either, but we still love him irregardless. Throughout Gangs of New York, Scorsese displayed the power of character progression. The dynamic between Bill The Butcher, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, and Amsterdam Vallon, played by Leonardo Dicaprio was exquisite and I generally don't use pretentious vocabulary but that was the only was to justify its excellence. Every character offed their own appeal, but one stood a large top hat above everyone else. William Cutting a.k.a Bill The Butcher. The performance showcased by Mr. Daniel Day Lewis,staunchly upped its cinematic value, in my eyes Bill is one of the most renowned and sadistic villains throughout film history. The premise of the film revolves around a young boy named Amsterdam Vallon, son of Priest Vallon; Bill The Butchers most respected, and hated advisory. Both immigrant and native-born gangs led by Priest Vallon and The Butcher themselves, clashed in an open courtyard for dominance in the primary setting of the film, The Five Points. In a mad exhibition of brutality both sides crippled one another, many were left mutilated or writhing in pain. When the dust finally settled The Butcher's scream of victory pierced the hearts of every man and woman that followed the priest into battle. For Mr.Cutting once again proved why he is called " The Butcher." At his feet lay the greatest man he had ever killed, or as Bill would put it "The only man worth killing." Amsterdam having seen the events unfold the way they did, he watched his father get murdered at the hands of the new ruler of The Five Points, Bill The Butcher... As quickly as he was orphaned, he was sent away to a Catholic facility to become saved in the eyes of the Lord. For years he was kept there without the religion setting in. This was due to Amsterdam's plot of revenge circulating through his head. Upon his return to The Five Points , many years later, he befriends the very man that killed his father. In an unusual turn of events a still young Vallon becomes firmly rooted in Bill's inner circle. I would tell you more but that would take the fun out of it. Overall combined with a talented crew of actors, superb character development, and a seasoned director such as Martin Scorsese, made it difficult for me to give this epic any less than its four star rating.

Lee L (br) wrote: kinda silly, but its good.

Chris S (mx) wrote: I dunno, it looks intresting. I perfer Keanu Reeves over Tom Cruise.

Deadly V (de) wrote: Dim, dumb, this Sun is no fun

Karen S (es) wrote: was an excellent movie, sho kosugi is a very good martial artist, just did more japanese movies than for the american audience, our loss.

Suanne B (ru) wrote: Dette m vre tidenes kjedeligste og teiteste skrekkfilm.Ikke se den, du fr aldri den ene timen og 22 minuttene igjen.