Burn, Witch, Burn

Burn, Witch, Burn

A skeptical college professor discovers that his wife has been practicing magic for years. Like the learned, rational fellow he is, he forces her to destroy all her magical charms and ...

The film centers on a successful professor whose disastrous marriage when he uncovers that his wife uses witchcraft to help his career. He finds all the way to destroy her plan and attempts to bring her back normal life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paulo M (kr) wrote: Although I don't like soccer, I was dying to see "Linha de Passe". But, unfortunately it didn't reach many os my expectations. The characters are very well developed and the performances were very good, specially Sandra Corveloni, who really deserved the award at Cannes Film Festival. But it seemed very similar to most Brazilian movies. Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas are really talented, but I want to see something different in the Brazilian cinema.

Miken W (us) wrote: omg i hated this movie

LIsamarie L (ca) wrote: real sad film but i thought it was gr8

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Daniel M (ru) wrote: A great start to a great trilogy.

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Nathan W (de) wrote: I saw this movie before I knew who Steve Oedekerk was. It all makes sense now. This movie is highly annoying. It's about an hour and a half of Steve Oedekerk complaining to the camera. Jim Carrey barely has a role in the movie.

Jack R (fr) wrote: Very cheesy 80's film from the 90's

Jonathan M (ru) wrote: This is one of Criterion's misses, being a minor film from an important director. Basically a socially conscious genre piece that frequently lapses into cliche, but which has a couple of good shots.

Corey S (de) wrote: Top ten Star Trek first contact. 1 Gives us backstory on the warp drive creator2 James Cromwell hilarious as the creator 3 Data story arc compelling and engaging4 Picard connection to Borg is well handled and allows Stewart's character to lead with reason5 Earth story with Riker and the crew is fun6 Decent special effects for the time7 Scary enemies with great villain leader8 Certain scenes show suspense 9 A good ending to the story with all being resolved10 Although a bit cheesy they have some funny jokes

Will J (ag) wrote: Stone is a haunting drama and an exploration into three characters. Religious and moral ideas are introduced and feature throughout, but I couldn't help feel that this film didn't really go anywhere. The ideas are strong but Curran overburdens us with them to an extent that it seems impossible to sift through them. Despite this, Stone contains powerful performances from both Norton and De Niro and we really get a clear sense of their characters, though I felt that the film focused far too much on the relationship between Jack and Lucette rather than Stone's spiritual awakening and Jack questioning his own morals. As a result, this powerful drama could have been much better.

Darrin C (de) wrote: I thought the first scenes were slow, but realize now that it was necessary for strong character development as that really impacted the following events. Good acting from all players in an all around terrifyingly realistic movie.

William G (ag) wrote: X-Men: Days of Future Past is a well made movie with great acting - even if it feels like it copies the previous installments

Harry W (it) wrote: Maniac Cop begins as an interesting story about a killer police officer and the controversial events that occur following the exposure of his presence to the public, but it deviates back and fourth between trying to find the killer and Officer Jack W. Forrest, Jr. attempting to clear his name after being named key suspect. Larry Cohen doesn't write his high-concept story theme into an interesting one and then Maniac Cop gets trampled by William Lustig's frustrating direction, so a simple and clever story gets turned into a poorly structured low-budget slasher movie which presents new ideas to the genre and leaves them there to drown in a random series of murders and tedious investigations.Although slasher fans may be pleased by Maniac Cop, Bruce Campbell fans will feel robbed because his character has little to no essential role in the story and he gets reduced to about 20 minutes of screen time, and although his performance is good as usual, he had no compelling dialogue to deal with and no interesting story dynamics which resulted in his presence having no specialty or use of his iconic acting skills, and thus his performance is a routine dramatic one which is strong but not clever. Nothing in Maniac Cop is clever, even though it could have been. Instead it fell directly into slasher film cliches from start to end without any attempt to look at the serious drama that comes with a killer police officer, and so it merely becomes a overly visually dark and unoriginal slasher with the only claim to fame being that it stars Bruce Campbell and Richard Roundtree.But one of the most frustrating parts in Maniac Cop is the script. The filmmakers are so concerned with emphasising the murders that they practically forget to write a script and so the quantity of dialogue in Maniac Cop is minimal.Although, the ideas Maniac Cop are good and to a certain extent I did enjoy it. The plot was a more clever and high concept one than the average slasher film, and Maniac Cop was indeed well acted thanks to a talented cast.Also, there were some thrills in the atmosphere and it had a strong horror feel to it which was pleasing. For its low budget it sure does have a convincing police feel to it which was also surprising.But the varying pacing and lack of consistency prevent Maniac Cop from being a good film.