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Burn with Me

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Daniel P (us) wrote: Looks like an awesome show!

Bruce B (kr) wrote: Behind the Lines aka : Regeneration . This Movie is from the 1997 Toronto Film Festival. Its a war movie that shows how bad conditions were in World War I, and what the soldiers had to go thru back in hospitals to get straighten out. Main character in this one is a poet who is an officer who in the end goes back to front lines. Its Ok not one of the best from the film festival. 3 1/2 stars best I can do.

Deborah P (de) wrote: This is when I first cast my eyes on Ewan Mcgregor and it's a fascinating tale

bill s (au) wrote: A wonderfully acted and layered movie....Kingsley just flat out shines.

Russell W (us) wrote: I like this and I've seen the stage version. I'm not into physical comedy--which is most of what the middle part of the movie consists of. But it's a funny farce and I love the exaggerated insight into theatrical life that it provides.

MarieBella C (it) wrote: A touching and romantic film with heartfelt performances from the cast, despite a very much recycled storyline.

Jose Luis M (it) wrote: Deliciosa comedia de humor negro de Don Alfredo , cada toma es una exquisitez de colores y formas con una excelente banda sonora a cargo de Bernard Herrmann.

Francisco Q (it) wrote: One of the most ambicious debut films of the past century. Even though "Fear and Desire" isn't a great movie, it sure is a well-written, well-acted and philosophical movie about war and its effects caused on soldiers and on people in general.

John B (es) wrote: Not one of Cronenberg's best. It nonetheless presents an excellent Viggo Mortensen who almost is enough to carry the film himself.

Skyler M (nl) wrote: Would have been quite interesting if it had Joker tied in with the mystery. Leaving Penguin and Bane in it for sure but take Rupert Thorne out of the story and put Joker in the story. And matter of fact, give Robin (Tim Drake) more screen time than he got in this film.

Dillon K (kr) wrote: Gloomy and deeply disturbed, Michael Douglas puts on his creepy person to the test in the social critique, as a more solid effort from Schumacher.

Najd G (au) wrote: Would've worked better without the over-the-top crass attempts at comedy. Oh, yeah - and better writing. The actors did what they could with a stifling script.

bill s (it) wrote: If a ten year old watched this he may like it but anyone older not so much.

Gregor K (fr) wrote: Everything in this movie was already somewhere before :(