Zzyzx, the road, may lead to nowhere, but three people find themselves baking in a desert of murder, mystery, manipulation and greed when the legendary road becomes the place where their destinies collide.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:81 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Burned 2006 full movies, Burned torrents movie

Zzyzx, the road, may lead to nowhere, but three people find themselves baking in a desert of murder, mystery, manipulation and greed when the legendary road becomes the place where their destinies collide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Burned torrent reviews

Jay C (mx) wrote: [2013.02.08] What a copycat... sucks!!

Pourya E (mx) wrote: I'm sure that somewhere in the beginning there was a point with this story, but it must have gone lost in adaptation. Since you never understand why or what you are watching. As a result this is one impotent movie consisted of a couple of decent scenes and no base for either a story or character that makes sense.

Samantha D (de) wrote: It's a good movie sorta like groundhog day but a B movie. Acting is not half bad and it's sorta cute at the end.

Tara H (jp) wrote: Gentle romantic comedy, deals quite sensitively with a main character (Casey Affleck) who suffers from depression. Good performances from all. Liv Tyler as the 'girl next door' type (in your dreams!) plays a similar role to her character in Jersey Girl, which coincidentally starred Casey Affleck's older brother Ben. Lonesome Jim (directed by Steve Buscemi) is better though, not least because J-Lo isn't in it.

Torion O (au) wrote: Not for the serious. Good enough to bear with, and definitely fun for kids.

Sigit W (br) wrote: ..it's only just number...

Jose Julian A (ru) wrote: Que mala suerte la del tipo, aunque todo le sucedio por algo que resulto ser necesario.

chris a (fr) wrote: one of the first movies to show Eddie's ability to play more than one character, coming to america is an east romantic comedy to watch, with spats here and there of comedic value.

Eric B (es) wrote: "Cobra Verde" may be unjustifiably obscure, but it's also no match for its heralded older brothers "Aguirre: The Wrath of God" and "Fitzcarraldo." Director Werner Herzog and enfant terrible Klaus Kinski are teamed for the fifth and last time, but the chemistry seems off."Cobra Verde" has a more complex story than "Aguirre" and "Fitzcarraldo," despite having a similar plot about a driven fanatic undertaking a seemingly impossible mission. Kinski plays the title character, a roaming South American bandit who takes a job at a sugar plantation, only to fall out of favor after he impregnates the boss's daughters. As a result, he is pressed to sail overseas to barter slaves from Dahomey. It is expected that he will not return alive. Settling down in Africa, he becomes embroiled in a conflict between two rival kingdoms, and his original objective fades away in the chaos.Kinski's performance is a bit erratic -- sometimes he's a man of sullen intimidation, other times he's the feral lunatic we expect -- and Herzog fails to get inside his head, instead seeming more interested in choreographing large crowd scenes. The rites and costumes of the natives *are* fascinating, but the illusion is punctured when they speak to Kinski in perfect German. Even Popol Vuh's droning soundtrack seems indifferent next to the group's masterful work on earlier Herzog projects.The film's quirkier virtues include a goat receiving communion and a tribal girl's choir so shockingly charismatic that one wonders why they didn't follow Ladysmith Black Mambazo to international success. Hey, they even worked topless.

J K (de) wrote: I saw all the Abbott & Costello movies and all were enjoyable for me because i watched them all with my late grandmother. These movies have a sentimental value for me that most other movies don't have. Yes, they're cheesy and full of USO-worthy musical numbers that come out of nowhere and have no real bearing on the story. But they're still special for me.

Christopher B (ru) wrote: This was pretty hilarious and stupid.

Joshua L (us) wrote: This movie was pretty damn cool. Its gotta wicked twist that wasn't expected and the most bad ass Santa Claus you'll ever see.

Isla B (de) wrote: The extra half is for the ridiculous hairstyles,and the least convincing sex scene I've ever witnessed.