Bus Rider's Union

Bus Rider's Union


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

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Bus Rider's Union torrent reviews

Jobit J (mx) wrote: I liked itIt a good movie

Charlo P (es) wrote: Pas mon film, mais bon travail de mise en scne

Chris A (de) wrote: Beautiful sentiments and a great inspiration to all the guys out there to take good care of women out there because they deserve it. Well executed emotions and very pleasant to watch. Thank you!

Tor M (ca) wrote: My second film from Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul. "Loong Boonmee raleuk chat" or "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" was my first one and I expected a lot from it. It never lived up to it, so I had doubts about this one.It's a different type of film. It's gentle, mysterious, quite weird and experimental when it comes to techniques of scene selection and tempo. We follow some doctors at a hospital. Weerasethakul's parents is in real life doctors, so this has been known as some sort of biography on that matter. Doctors are very much human beings and here we get into their lives as a more personal matter. The popular doctor Toey seem in center of it, but other doctors and some patients are on the screen too.It's a romatic vibe here but the biggest vibe I get is some sort of calmness as it put's me in a trance with it's super slow panning shots and it's music. Shot's turn out from the conversations or move around in the building while nice dialogues keeps you interested.I dig that repeated conversation thing and I love the black hole scene. Many great scenes, some weirder, some funnier than others. A lovely shot film, mesmerizing and calm - that takes your head to other destinations. Impressive stuff.8 out of 10 orchids.

Gordon R (es) wrote: So what if the drama is a little cheesy. The 70s were about fun and this semi-biographical film shows that side of it. It's just too bad it couldn't mix both the drama and the fun equally. Mike Myers performance is what makes the film.

Shane J (br) wrote: I had fond memories of this about 15 years ago (in the uk this was mutronics the movie for some reason??), i loved the character of the guyver especially in the manga tv series so i remember really enjoying this. Now though i can see this for what it is a really cheap bad looking b movie, The effects are ok in some parts but basically its men in rubber monster suits running around hitting each other. The guyver suit looks ok but the effects needed to pull this off just wern't available in 1991.because of this the makers obviously thought we better slapstick it up with some dreadful comedy thrown in to take you mind of the rubber suits. It just doesnt work im afraid.One of mark hamill's films after star wars and he turns into a giant cockroach,hmm so thats why his acting career didnt go very far! In all seriousness there is a film story here that could be done amazingly with todays effects, hollywood give me 50mill and i'll make you a blockbuster!!

Melissa S (nl) wrote: the moral of the story is if you abuse women you get a shot to the chest so of course i like the movie though i believe it could have been better excuted

Joseph T (us) wrote: Great film have seen it dozens of times there is always something I can look up and learn it seems from this movie

Hans H (it) wrote: While it may not provide much in the emotional aspect, there's no denying Kung Fu Panda is quality entertainment, providing more than enough action and comedy to win over families and genre enthusiasts.

Bobby L (ru) wrote: This was actually kind of fun. Van Damme does well in his dual roles of main baddie and very child-like, innocent clone. Michael Rooker plays, well, Michael Rooker, but he's good as in such roles. The script, while not the smartest, does allow for some character development. Most refreshingly, this is actually a bit more of a thriller than full fledged actioner. There are good amounts of action, and a great sequence involving an ambulance in a parkign garage, but mostly, it's a police procedural thriller, with a fun sci-fi twist.

Eric H (jp) wrote: Overall, I did enjoy this movie for what it was. It had it's many cliches but some how it seems to play over them with added heart.