After a salary-man's fiancée attempts suicide, he recounts his gruesome family history, which sees generations of his ancestors sacrificing themselves for the sake of their cruel lords.

Master director Imai Tadashi teams up with Nakamura Kinnosuke in this controversial epic based on the novel by Nanjo Norio. The film depicts the bloody history of loyalty and the samurai spirit still alive in the Japanese culture today, in seven grotesque tales of seven generations from the Edo period to now. When Iigura Susumu's fiancée attempts suicide, he is reminded of his family history recorded in his ancestors' journals, about generations of samurai who sacrificed themselves in order to serve their lords and the nation. Terror strikes him as he realizes that he's about to repeat his family's horrific history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bushido torrent reviews

Vihang S (us) wrote: Must see for parents of teens. Parineeti is talented !

Jordon J (it) wrote: Just a terrible terrible film, SKIP IT!!!

Veer G (gb) wrote: This should of been called "Supergirl: The Movie" because the movie is focused on her all throughout the whole movie. Batman Superman Apocalypse offers a great villain and incredible action sequences

Kurt F (nl) wrote: 1/11/17 We had already seen this at some point, but I didn't remember much at all about it. Usually, that is a bad sign, but this is an enjoyable film. It is just interesting to sit back and watch what happens to this family. There is a bit of dry humor, which I tend to enjoy when in the right mood. It isn't a long film, so it is worth the time commitment if you like the Coen brothers and a film that is a bit quirky.

Simptica P (ca) wrote: A social satire at its best. This is what happened if ER is written by Kafka. If you don't believe that a Romanian drama about a 63 y.o drunk trying to obtain the medical attention he's convinced he needs could be the most mesmerizing, suspenseful, darkly funny, shrewdly humane and spiritually challenging movie, then it's time for you to watch this.

Matt N (it) wrote: Emotional. A very good film that brings feeling to the heart.

Alex B (de) wrote: One of the best movies depicting the facism of Franciso Franco Spain.

Joshua L (au) wrote: A creepy well made classic type of thriller

Steve P (nl) wrote: Funny and wonderfully over-the-top, this nevertheless drags when it reaches the second half.

Juho K (nl) wrote: Stallonen kynilem, ohjaama ja thdittm Paradise Alley ei ole turhan totinen tummahkosta asustaan huolimatta. Ja kappas, Stallone osaa laulaakin. Hn esitt alku- ja lopputekstien aikana kappaleen "Too Close to Paradise".

Jim S (mx) wrote: Saw it in 66 when new and in 120 degree cinemascope. Amazing then ... still the best. Rush was interesting but too much CGI.

Eli N (gb) wrote: This is definatly better than some of Hoopers other work such as Funhouse and Eaten Alive, but it's not as fun as those two films. And the plot in this film gets more and more ridiculous as the film progresses. And the characters in this film just don't feel real. This film also gets pretty boring. But this is definatly an okay film, but it's no Texas Chainsaw.

Brad A (mx) wrote: Lacks the romantic mystique and atmosphere of the first film, but still entertaining with very impressive effects (although Gilly throwing someone 6 feet through the air and into a tree is unintentionally hilarious!)

Darrin C (ru) wrote: Still holds up as good by today's standards. Funny characters and even funnier plot and dialog.