• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:58 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Latvian,Lithuanian,Russian,Estonian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:title directed by female,  

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Yifan C (jp) wrote: It's basically a remake of Pumping Iron.

Deb K (gb) wrote: Two rival ghost hunting shows convene at one of the most haunted spots in America after a wealthy philanthropist gets them permission to search for proof of life after death - since he is on his own deathbed. A somewhat entertaining found-footage horror film that follows a group of disbelievers and believers as they investigate a supposedly haunted asylum, The movie does get boring in large stretches, but it does ultimately pay off pretty big in the final moments.

Glasgow M (ru) wrote: still twisting my mind after hours watching it, Rapace delivers he rare talents, she kept me at the edge of my seat trying to figure out what's in her head, although this isn't a horror film, i am genuinely scared!

Ken O (fr) wrote: One of my favorite Eastwood movies. It's got a good message and there are some funny parts as well.

Aleks C (es) wrote: Beautiful covers means the movie is going to suck, it's the same mistake over and over again.

Marron G (es) wrote: Never trust the rating score and review I'm sure there are some people who got paid for that . Ok this movie is so boring that makes me yawn classic like 80's style yet the makeup is kinda funny in some scene the plot is typical nothing new to it a vampire kind of creature blah blah blah what a waste !

Leandro A (ca) wrote: Uma bela histria sobre um homem comum, irreverente, contada de forma divertida e saudosa.

Tim E (us) wrote: I was floored by this movie. It's got a perfect balance of humor, moral questions, romantic yearning, and wild unabashed creativity. Both Cera and Doubleday are charismatic leads, and it's got a great ensemble cast as well. This isn't your average adolescent love story.

Leonard D (ag) wrote: Classic! Don't care what anyone says. Selma and Matt work great together!

Lisa C (es) wrote: Funniest movie...ever. But its existence is not widely known about. Even though almost the whole movie is basically a reeally long monologue with a guy complaining about everything, I find it bloody hilarious. Thane Furrows is pretty much the most cynical and sarcastic guy in the world.

Mandela W (de) wrote: The Coen Brothers have for most of their career given us some quirky, bizarre, and dark cinematic features in their long career. In 1991 they treated us to Barton Fink a story revolving around the titular character. Fink is a successful playwright from New York and he is one day given an offer from Hollywood to be paid a thousand dollars each week for writing scripts. Fink makes his way out and stays at a strange hotel. The movie showcases barton's constant writers block as he thinks about the essence of theater, life and the crazy people he meets in out west.The coen brothers always have a bizarre but uniquely funny touch to their films. The film is highly unusual but for some reason it grabbed me enough for me to continue watching all the way through. this story was scripted like something out of a woody allen film but again they add their own touch to it. it does make you think about the different kind of writers in Hollywood and how certain events can shape their screenwriter minds.I rather enjoyed this character Barton Fink. John Turturro did an excellent job with this unsual character. I couldn't help but laugh so much at this man's hair at was so weird. Fink is a man that cares deeply about the essence of theater and acting and finds himself fighting against the ways of Hollywood and its effect on the common man. jack lerner was the best part of the film. If one finds himself bored within the first few minutes lerner's jack lipnick will wake you the hell up! so much vibrance and hilarity it is sensational! John goodman did a fine job here as yet another strange character with slim to no eyebrows. his chemistry with turturro is uncanny every scene they nailed together even the crazy climax of the filmthat painting is so prominent in the film its almost like another character. same with all of the sounds in the film there is such a heavy reliance on the element of visual painting and sound. very well composed score. the cinematography was great as well. the long shots of the hallway and closeups of barton were exquisitely done. Barton Fink is a definitely vintage coen brothers and anyone who is a fan of their work will find this to be tremendous.

Isaac R (mx) wrote: One of the most enthralling productions of Hamlet I've ever seen. I highly recommend it, this production is not just a film of a stage version it uses the medium of film to find new observations and storytelling opportunities inside the classic story.

Nathan C (us) wrote: Fun and outrageous adventure with our Aussie friend being fish-out-of-water in the Big Apple. It takes some build-up to get going but when it does, it doesn't stop.

Aj V (fr) wrote: I can't recall the plot, but I remember that I kinda liked this movie, it's not great, but it's pretty good.

doris c (br) wrote: excellent.....hilarious a must see...

Hyam Q (us) wrote: i really liked it !! :)