LA cops Gould and Blake get in over their heads when they don't heed orders from above and go after a big crime boss.

The film is episodic, depicting the two vice-squad detectives teaming on several different cases, with varying degrees of success. The focus changes to them trying to bust one man, an LA crime kingpin named Carl Rizzo (Allen Garfield), whom they believe to be responsible for much of the criminal activity they have been investigating. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Busting torrent reviews

Alejandro E (jp) wrote: The neverending isreali-palestinian conflict in the sight of a scapegoat.Shall not miss it

Matthew S (fr) wrote: Visually it's decent, but I feel they overdid the 'dark fantasy' approach, resulting in a grim movie that didn't succeed in making me care about it's protagonists. Give me the Disney version any day.

Private U (fr) wrote: this movie is horrible. The same guy seems to do the voices for every character. Couldn't get through 15 minutes.

Joshua A (kr) wrote: bbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllaaaaaaaaaaa

Yese (us) wrote: Yaww This Moviee Is Crazy Scary !

jay n (br) wrote: Nothing special but not bad

Melissa K (gb) wrote: Omg..this movie was so awful, I love Bradley Cooper but this movie sucked ass..Colleen porch is such a bad actress I can't believe they castes her..kept thinking it would get better..wrong,,DO NOT RENT IT SUCH A WASTE OF TIME THAT YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK..UGGHH

Mattias P (ru) wrote: Detta r mycket mjligt den smsta film jag ngonsin har sett! Man kan visserligen sga att den berr eftersom den sura eftersmaken av en platt och riktigt trkig film sitter i mycket lnge. Lisa Kudrow gr sig verkligen i rollen som en korkad verklassbimbo. Men klass-perspektivet p den rika kvinnan och "fattige" (snarare nyrika) rap-artisten faller platt. Lisa Kudrow som spelar Marci frsker gra sken av att en halvfjantig tjej minsann ocks kan vara hftig och feminist och stark. Men det blir bara fel alltihop. Att filmen har ett tydligt klassperspektiv sabbas av schablonerna och det fjantiga sprket. Filmen blir plastig, fjantig och bara platt. Den r skert bra, om man r en korkad verklassbimbo med en rik pappa och kan knna igen sig i Marci, men fr den tnkande delen av mnskligheten borde den frsta frgan bli: Varfr kom den ens ut p DVD?

Rob R (nl) wrote: From one of the best directors of this generation, Wes Anderson's The Royal Tenenbaums just might be his best work (see The Darjeeling Limited, The Grand Budapest Hotel). With his brilliant, innovative and often quirky style of directing, Anderson is able to tell a heartfelt and funny story using his gifted skills behind the camera, along with a remarkable cast to back it up. A-

Renee C (kr) wrote: Really good film! To spite hearing that it was a flop before hand, it was actually enjoyable! I am a massive Fallon fan, which might have been the reason why I enjoyed it so much, but the basis of the film was light, comedic and nice to chill to. Really liked how Latifah and Fallon DIDN'T get together in the end like most movies do, but found friendship.

Thomas P (gb) wrote: A Great spy/suspense/fantasy.I love this movie. It was wrongly maligned by critics - that surprised me. I enjoyed this long before it was unnecessarily savaged by cynical critics. I was shocked at the ill treatment and watched it again - holds up perfectly. Great story - an office worker who is elevated to collecting spy info, but it doesn't go as planned. Strong performances, brooding suspense, palpable spy tension, a little humor, solid cinematography by Jan Debont, well paced throughout, effective betrayal/twist, and inspired final act.I stand behind this movie and Melanie Griffith completely. Frankly, I'll never understand the cynicism against Griffith and this movie.Griffith is exceptional here. A smart, multi-dimensional character, and perfectly pitched at each turn. I had bought this video for friends and family who genuinely enjoyed it as well. This is a well-done sleeper hit for me. If you were drawn into the escape sequence in Sound Of Music, you will enjoy this movie. Worth giving a look - even a second look.4.5 of 5 *PG 13*, shud not be rated R

Randy T (ca) wrote: Lots of insight into Douglas MacArthur the strategist, the tactician and the military commander - very little about Douglas MacArthur the man. I didn't learn anything about the General that I couldn't have gleaned from old newspaper clippings and newsreel footage.

Chrisanne S (au) wrote: Fun. If you fall asleep, remember it's the coffee. For one of the only times in a Sturges movie, I think that the side characters are underused.

Maulik J (ru) wrote: Sensational performances by Dean Stockwell and Orson Welles make Compulsion a must watch. Starts off as a perfect crime ends as a perfect defense. Very very well acted.

Brian A (us) wrote: Really liked the documentary style of the movie. Good storyline and some crazy scenes with the demonic encounters.