A group of teens decides to spend the weekend on a local island to say their final goodbyes before heading off to college. Little do they know, a convicted serial killer escapes from the authorities while on death row at a maximum security prison. Touted in the headlines of the local papers as "The Butcher" due to the manner he hacked up his victims in the local town deli, he takes cover on THE VERY SAME ISLAND. It becomes a battle for survival as the teens attempt to fight back against this unimaginable foe.

A group of teens decides to spend the weekend on a local island to say their final goodbyes before heading off to college. Little do they know, a convicted serial killer escapes from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zack F (ru) wrote: Nobody Else You connects the stories of a journalist who finds his muse in a recently murdered woman who thought she was the reincarnate of Marilyn Monroe. Sophie Quinton gives a great seductive and insecure performance that perfectly captures the spirit of Monroe.

Franklin D (au) wrote: be warned; this movie is more like a condensed recount of some events, it's not as climactic as most movies. that said it's a tale of love and that if you keep that alive, 'there's nothing to be afraid of'

Julian D (nl) wrote: Wonderful cinematography, washed out blue/white colour scheme of Mongolian winter consistently beautiful, "plot" with some wonderful twists, sometimes off-beat.

Matty S (it) wrote: Low budget but creative and potent film chronically the late 80's/early '90's Club Kid scene and the bizarre true story of Michael Alig. Although filmed as a dark satirical cultural study - the movie packs a punch. Culkin, Green and McDermott all give strong performances in a film that manages to capture the insanity that engulfed a temporary and insane drug-fueled NYC sub-culture. Film critics at the time of this film's release were far too hard on this film.

Russell G (it) wrote: Another sequel with a different director not surprisingly results in diminished returns. The strongest aspect of Hellbound: Hellraiser II was the continuity of the characters and story with the first movie. Sadly, this movie discards Kirsty and her story, for the most part, and replaces her with a new protagonist. Despite the fresh set of characters, the movie starts of respectably. The new main character works well; she is a filed news reporter, who stubbles on the path of some unexplainable dark magic and inquisitively digs deeper. It is unclear what the result of the second movie was exactly, and it is not clear for some time here either. Dramatically it turns out the Pinhead has split into two separate forms. One is his past identity that rediscovered in second, and the other is the demonic evil in him. The evil half aims to free himself and rule over humanity. A little more explanation would be nice, but this is all respectable at this point. It is not until Pinhead comes to earth that things plummet. Suddenly, the dark tone and story with consequences from the first two and a half movies go out the window, and it turns into a Freddy Kruger-like joke. New poorly thought-out Sinabites emerge to change the pace; they are ridiculous and awful. Numerous over the top intentionally corny kill scenes kill the mood. It is almost as if the director changed at the three-quarter mark. The movie climax and finale are just bad and ruin a decent start. Fans of the first two will feel let down. The only people who might approve are fans of Freddy and Jason, which is really a disappointment, even for a third movie.

Mathieu B (ca) wrote: Des meurtres, des marins, des hommes qui s'embrassent, des remords, un triangle (carr?) amoureux, de la jalousie, de la sodomie entre hommes... Bref, ce film a tout pour me plaire.

Connor G (it) wrote: With this, I felt like I was connecting with real people, rather than excellent characters in the first, or caricatures in the second. Still not quite as good as the first, but a great movie nonetheless.

Roman R (au) wrote: Hay un encanto casi infantil al ver ciertas Z-movies. Estas son producciones con ambicin pero con cero recursos; desde el guin hasta los efectos son psimos pero uno admira ese espritu independiente e ingenuo detrs. Ciertamente "Manborg" contiene eso y nos divierte con su bizarra historia de un soldado convertido en androide, vengando la muerte de su hermano a lado de un maestro en artes marciales y un par de hermanos guerreros en contra del malvado Conde Draculon. Esto situado en un mundo post-apocaliptico ya que el infierno ha enviado a sus tropas a invadirnos. Muchos ignoraran la cinta despues de leer esta sinopsis pero "Manborg" es divertida y hace lo que puede con lo poco que tiene.