Buzduganul cu trei peceti

Buzduganul cu trei peceti

At the end of the 16th century, Wallachia's ruler Michael the Brave dreams of uniting the kingdoms of Wallachia,Transylvania and Moldavia into a single country known as The United Principalities.

During the 16th century Wallachia's ruler,Michael the Brave,dreams of uniting the Principalities of Wallachia,Transylvania and Moldavia into a single united country later to be known as Romania. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Santosh N (ag) wrote: Another Vijay formula movie.

Gerry V (kr) wrote: More of a comedy than you might think.

Remi L (fr) wrote: Adorable but corny. When I originally saw the title, I thought this was going to be about the struggles we American 20-somethings go through after high school and college. Instead, the writer of this film managed to co-op something I find very serious, and make it about a guy who can't decide whether the girl he's been with for years is "the one" just because he's getting bored and she's getting restless. From a rom-com standpoint, it was cute, if predictable. But from the point of someone actually going through a quarter-life crisis, I was highly disappointed. This guy has a full-time job, his own place, a woman in the same position who lives with him, they're both about to get promoted...and he's miserable?? Pass. It's a bunch of well-off (compared to most people in this country) 20-somethings complaining about a whole lotta nothin'!

Taylor (mx) wrote: i looooooooooove this movie

Siddarth S (gb) wrote: 'Michael Jordan plays ball, Charles Manson kills people, I talk'...and talk he did!Silver-tongued Nick Naylor is Aaron Eckhart's ride into the big league

Daniel G (it) wrote: a take on basic storytelling that to me felt invigorated, and the dialogue is out of sight but i needed subtitles to decipher the heavy accent.

Mark R (ca) wrote: another film too difficult to rate, but filled with frightening and important ideas. The nightmarish lives of the characters show what depravity in society leads to; pornography and prostitution are issues that our society seems to quietly accept to the destruction of our collective societal soul and the loss of the unfortunates who don't see any recourse other than this sort of horrifying life on the streets.

Private U (de) wrote: this shit scared me when i was little, i thought thats how the world would end up. watch if ur bored at home.....(apocalyptic cyborgs)

Tim G (kr) wrote: I love this film and Max Dugan!

Ashley S (kr) wrote: Absolutely the BEST soundtrack ever. Inspired.

Haroon H (gb) wrote: Preety predictable yet fun to watch

Aaron G (kr) wrote: Even if the stakes could not be lower (they couldn't) this is worth the watch for Tim Robbins alone, who steals the show like it's first base.

Janette R (mx) wrote: music was better than the first but the plot was lame.

Phil H (ag) wrote: So you made a film back in the day and it was a success both at the cinema and videoshop. The two stars of the movie are still big and can still pull in an audience, you yourself now have some swing within Hollywood and lets be honest...you need a new project to keep your career on a high-ish. What better way to do that than completely rehashing your successful movie by...errr completely remaking it all over again but in a different location and with a new star (for the time) to the roster.Yep so the plot is virtually the same as the first movie, no shame here folks. The dynamic duo are back again and instructed to go on another stakeout in a nice woody lakeside well to do area. They are watching out for a witness against the mafia (after a botched assassination) who may or may not be coming to this lovely house. But the funny thing is...wait for it...this time they have a female DA officer along with them to play husband and wife with Dreyfuss. That's not all, she's brought her huge rottweiler along too...ey up we're in for some mighty big laughs now! Did I mention the new DA officer is Rosie O'Donnell? well there you go. I ask you...can you think of anything better than this? really...how can this not be funny?Oh wait...its not funny in the slightest. Everything here has been dumbed down and made more family friendly basically, not that the original movie was an adult movie but this is just childish. Most of the plot now revolves around how silly this family unit can be with Estevez as the son, Dreyfuss as the dad and O'Donnell as the mum. Every scene is pretty much an embarrassing bumbling slapstick comedy routine with infantile dialog and cliched predictable visual gags...some of which naturally revolve around the big dog. Literately nothing happens for the majority of the movie until the final long dinner sequence where there is lots more awful dialog. Heck even the action (if you can even call it that...which you can't) is weak as fuck, its virtually a children's movie at times.Dreyfuss character seems to have been somewhat neutered this time around and doesn't have the same zest as before. Yes he is obviously an older character but the plot doesn't allow him to do anything. The same goes for Estevez, in the first movie he was pretty much a sidekick, here he has a little more to do admittedly but again its very lame and uninteresting really. Its nice to see Ferrer playing a bad guy again, haven't seen that for awhile, blast from the past. The only problem being like everything else its a very tame watered down role which has absolutely no bite about it. The bad guys in this movie are so uneventful I can hardly bring myself to call them bad guys, they're just a bit naughty and they wear black. As for O'Donnell well this was another time wasn't it, a different ear where O'Donnell was actually kinda big (in both senses...zing!). I guess she adds to the humour at times but her character just comes across like this sequel...not required, horseshoed in, crowbarred in, forced and pointless.I really don't know what Badham was trying to do here, you could have a sequel to this but going down this route was a huge error. Basically remaking it with one extra cop for comedy relief...oh and a big dog...pfft! I mean really, who wants to see Dreyfuss' character have relationship issues (again) with Stowe (from the first movie, must have needed rent money) whilst staking out Dennis Farina who does nothing. Then in the background Estevez is constantly moaning about having to shave his moustache off which appears to be the movies main gag. This literately is like watching an actual stakeout where nothing actually happens, I'm boring myself writing this!