Bye Bye Bangkok

Bye Bye Bangkok


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ManniMecnecss C (gb) wrote: first time watching Jay Chou movie and i keep thinking when the movie going to end, can't stand with the story.

Noname (au) wrote: This is one of the "After Dark Festival" horror movies and it was actually a rather good one. None familar actors to me but great perfomances from them. Story on average level with thriller moments and plenty of violence/blood scenes if u are into that. Well worth seeing for this genre.

Brian S (fr) wrote: Big budget killer crocodile movie, pretty good. I really enjoyed it, it has it's suspenfull moments and the acting is real good, with the special effects being alright too. It takes a while for the film to develop though, and the gore really comes near the end, so that may be disappointing for gore lovers, but overall, it's a pretty solid and suspensfull flick. One thing that i don't really like though is that no women die !! But anyways, recommended !!

David J (ag) wrote: There is no doubt in my mind that there are a select few people pulling all the strings behind the scenes... but whether they are Jews or Muslims, or Chinese or whatever, really has no real importance. People need to stop worrying about those insignificant things.

Eric J (gb) wrote: Absolutely fascinating and riveting. One of those films that I think everyone should have to watch. Creates a true human connection to the subjects and gets the viewer to look at our own culture with fresh eyes.

Claudia C (ag) wrote: Although this is not my typical kind of movie, it sucked me in. Sickeningly fascinating.

Aj V (br) wrote: A beautiful and funny romantic drama/comedy about a woman who can't get past the death of her boyfriend, and he comes back as a ghost to help her. I love this movie.

Kenny W (es) wrote: This is my favorite movie of all time!

Greg W (it) wrote: good n funny svc comedy & my 11900th review/rating!!! jus love those round #'s

Ian B (kr) wrote: There's very little interesting about upper-middle-class white people being angsty and having Big Family Problems, but I guess this did it as well as any.

Mereie d (es) wrote: During the first half hour, this movie promised to be entertaining in all its annoyingness. You could feel the tension rising and the professor (Burt Lancaster) get closer and closer to both a nervous breakdown and a multiple murder attempt. Some nice Italian chaos helped to lard this pretty portrayal of the worst tenants from hell if ever there were. One of the worst annoyers is Konrad Huebel (Helmut Berger), spoilt playboy lover of Marchesa Bianca Brumonti (Silvana Mangano), who rented the floor in the professor??s house in the first place. It??s funny, by the way, to realize this is only the second movie I??ve seen with Helmut Berger, and in both cases I got excessively irritated by the character he played (fully clad or otherwise). The man must have special talents indeed. Unfortunately the film has a strong beginning, but soon peters out into something unsubstantial and very uninteresting. By the time I was about to strangle the tenants, the professor peculiarly began to take a liking to them, drifting away in philosophical reveries I just couldn??t and wouldn??t buy. This was not the film I sat down for. And apart from that, nothing much happens in the second half anyway. Another missed opportunity.

Trevor S (br) wrote: A film that is worthy of the title: Epic!

Frances H (br) wrote: This is one time I am glad that I ignored both the critics and the the audience percentage, because I liked the way this film showed the difference one person can make in a chain of events. Christopher Walken gave a great performance as a philosophical homeless guy sort of off his nut who makes a lot of sense in his own way. A perfect role for him.