Recorded live at the New Birth Cathedral, Atlanta, GA. 1. Magnify Him. 2. Medley #1: Glory Song; Yet Praise Him; Shabach. 3. Thou Art A Shield For Me. 4. Medley #2: Thats What You Are To Me; It Is To You; Glory To Your Name. 5. Never Too Busy. 6. The Presence Of The Lord Is Here. 7. Still Say Yes.

Following the success of his poem "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage", Byron becomes the toast of London. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (de) wrote: No land, no culture... Another excellent film from the director of masterpiece "Turtles Can Fly".

Omega T (es) wrote: ok to watch at times when your brain refuses to function.

Sanjay R (jp) wrote: This film teaters on the fine line between interesting and strange. I may have a different outlook on this movie than other because I am a huge fan of Larry David, but overall the movie was just okay. It is a decent watch if you are in a cynical mood, but I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to see it. It has a few moments of intrigue and humor, but it is hardly worth anyone's time.

Anya S (ru) wrote: Interesting, but I felt that there was a lack of an actual story line. Also the American narrating should have been replaced by a British narrator.

Christian Z (jp) wrote: what happens if you....Take out whats good about the mask. Take a terrible cast. Remove Jim Carry. And put in a awful CGI baby and dog. Well put that in a blinder and you get this peace of rotten unfunny crap.

Ted W (kr) wrote: Some nice gore shots, but a ridiculous story set up and pointless New York side plot induced more yawns than shrieks. As a free rental, it's definitely worth watching while doing something else.