C'est la vie

C'est la vie

A story is about young teenage girl, with sister and brothers, a pleasant uncle and aunt, an annoying nanny, a young boy interested in kissing her, a close relationship with the imaginary addressee of her daily diary and her parents' disintegrating marriage - all this in a rented house in a summer resort.

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Joseph S (de) wrote: For a comedy this movie wasn't very funny. Not enough gore either.

Steve W (ag) wrote: In this follow up to Ip Man (2008), the famous teacher tries to start his own school in Hong Kong. It begins with a rivalry with a fellow master, and culminates into a final battle for honour and respect against corrupt foreign devils.The plot is not as good as the first film, but is still able to dish out plenty of action. A test which pits Ip Man against different masters on a table is very entertaining and new, and they are able to make the final climax fight exciting too.In the final fight, Rocky must defeat Ivan Drago for killing...oh wait, sorry wrong film. Ip Man must defeat "Twister", a boxer who is the embodiment of arrogance. They make him out to be a pretty one dimensional villain, but at least he gives the main character a good brawl.Although not as strong as the first, but its a very entertaining martial arts sequel that I hope turns into a trilogy.

sey g (jp) wrote: Started out promising but along the way I got confused by all the talking in words that I need to look up in a dictionary for. But Im not sure whats the target audience for this movie, but it wasn't for me

Anthony I (mx) wrote: I would just leave it alone, and let it be, because, this movie isn't supposed to be great anyways, and it's not hurting anyone. But, it contains Donny Osmond, and his massive ego, and all that mugging. That alone, is just so bad.

Brian M (ru) wrote: There's really no clear direction or significant points sounded, it's just like remembering something out of a dream from back in the day. It's actually believable in many regards, and that's power for me. So, despite the aimless plot, which seems suspiciously deliberate, Remember the Daze is something of a modern-day high school dream.

Erin E (gb) wrote: The film's depiction of animal cruelty is disturbing. Drowning a cat in a gym bag because it has leukemia is psychopathic! Even if she couldn't afford to have him put to sleep by a vet, why not take the kitty to an animal shelter? I would have given the film a slightly better rating were it not for this scene, which made it extremely difficult for me to find any sympathetic or fond feelings for the protagonist.

Jerem M (ag) wrote: An amateur production from top to bottom. Weak script, stagnant acting, and directed and shot like episodic television. Exterior push-ins? Really?

Adam R (ru) wrote: Strangely fulfilling. Excellent acting from Jack Nicholson. It was a lot better than I expected. (First and only viewing - 7/6/2008)

Tom K (gb) wrote: Its a cute and an entertaining movie.

Gerard D (fr) wrote: Innovative Swedish answer to the American 'cinema verit' cop movies (French connection, for example) And they nailed it, big time.

Kristian M (es) wrote: Decent atmospheric horror, felt like a mix of Let's Scare Jessica to Death and Dead and Buried.

Eliabeth M (jp) wrote: This movie was an excellent documentary on the war in Vietnam. It is graphic, but it explains so much and tells us everything that happened to those poor people. Also the personal application of some of the soldiers added to the extreme chaos, and gives us a better understanding because they were there.