A rash of bizarre murders in New York City seems to point to a group of grotesquely deformed vagrants living in the sewers. A courageous policeman, a photo journalist and his girlfriend, and a nutty bum, who seems to know a lot about the creatures, band together to try and determine what the creatures are and how to stop them.

A bizarre series of murders in New York City seems to point toward the existence of a race of mutant cannibals living under the streets. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


C.H.U.D. torrent reviews

Akhil A (br) wrote: A great relief to eyes,brain and ears after all those 3 hour long groovy tunes to which we as a breed are accustomed to...!!! Although at times it looks over stretched but kudos to the attempt.

Jeff C (us) wrote: Quite certainly the lamest dialogue since "Plan Nine from Outer Space". Wooden acting, comical FX. Filmed in Utah and still the scenery was uninspiring. I was certain my wife would abandon it; fear this might signal the onset of dementia. The only thing that could make this worse is Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger.

Lety C (de) wrote: Bien dirigido para ser filme independiente. Muestra la relacion padres-hijos... y sin grandes actuaciones pero con un buen papel Michelle Monaghan & Jimmy Bennet

James B (gb) wrote: below average flick. minor laughs

Eric O (kr) wrote: Such a great movie! I had been wanting to see this for a long time. Loved every moment in this film. Great transition scenes between fighting and getting along. And what is great is that the viewer doesn't really know how things are going to be resolved. One of the few Woody Allen films I enjoyed.

James M (au) wrote: Plodding biopic about Steve Biko and activism against apartheid. All the performances are exceptional, but there's a lot of political fence-sitting.

Troy F (us) wrote: Ninja III: The Domination is probably one of the most ridiculous sequels ever, and has a ridiculous title. Whereas the previous two entries had ninja revenge stories, Ninja III goes all supernatural with the Black Ninja who is gunned down by police man, and possesses a woman Christie when she goes to offer him help. She then takes on the role of the Black Ninja unconsciously and seeks out to kill the policemen who had killed him. Only another ninja can bring out the possession from the woman. This film was definitely a guilty pleasure, the concept is certainly stupid but it's silly and somewhat entertaining, and it lacks as much kick and awesomely bad fight choreography as the last two films. I liked it enough, but it ranks as the lowest point of the trilogy.

Deke P (jp) wrote: saw it in theater, with Suzie i think. Interesting.

Melissa J (mx) wrote: G and I love a 60's beach movie! That's the name of the game!!!

Samantha S (it) wrote: Superb musical with outstanding cast - but why didn't they let Dorothy Dandridge do her own singing?

Jake B (gb) wrote: The perfect cure for insomnia. Really not that good for anything else.

Sheila H (us) wrote: This movie was good; can't say too much without giving about the mouse and cat game played after by Michael Douglas after he kills the Sherriff by mistake.

Noname (fr) wrote: Fair movie with Arnie but one of his worse i think. Arnie plays Jack Slater and he is a movie star and living in the "movie" and a young boy in "real life "got his hands on a magic ticket so he can join the movie and all the action. Great music tho and overall worth seeing only if u are a one of Arnie fans.

Hayden B (nl) wrote: One of the most quotable movies of this century, Mean Girls, is a cult classic on a large scale. We see Lindsay Lohan before the train went off the tracks and she really delivers a fun performance. The dialogue is done well and manages to stay current. The movie flows very well and constantly has the audiences' attention. There is an actual arch for our main character and we root for her throughout. This movie is an example of a great set up, great delivery, and finishing with a lighthearted punch. This is a feel-good movie that can be turned on whenever you're hanging out with your friends.

John M (it) wrote: why not, I have seen the other two!

Mikey R (ag) wrote: In my top 5 movies of all time. Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest fantasy stories of all time and this movie brings all the emotions and action that both average movie goers and die hard Lord of the Rings fans can both enjoy equally.

Sonia P (kr) wrote: Good movie to chillax with some meds.