A cocky young man travels to Oregon to work on an apple farm. Out of his element, he finds his lifestyle and notions being picked apart by everyone who crosses his path.

A cocky young man travels to Oregon to work on an apple farm. Out of his element, he finds his lifestyle and notions being picked apart by everyone who crosses his path. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve W (it) wrote: Starts off slow, but evolves into an electrifying action thriller with a lot of great set pieces. It has a nice way of building up to the action and letting it unfold. My only complaint is that the ending is a bit on the over-the-top side with multiple characters getting shot but still being to suplex each other in an exaggerated fight scene. However, its still a really good spy thriller with a lot of tension.

Claire R (ru) wrote: Haunting, disturbing, completely unpredictable.

Jacob G (br) wrote: The HULK will fight gods, Vikings, Canadians, and Deadpool!

Jim D (it) wrote: The script is a montage of cliche and plug-and-play characters. Sigourney Weaver has her moments, Tim Allen plays Tim Allen with consistency, and Ray Liotta turns in a performance worthy of a Lifetime original. Not as bad as its 8 percent tomato meter rating, but not worthy of the 3 stars Netflix gives -- but then again, those are Netflix streaming stars, and therefor, inflated.

Justin B (es) wrote: Introduces nothing new but is a good follow up that ups the ante without feeling forced. If you liked the first, there shouldn't be anything wrong with this one.

Carlos I (gb) wrote: Interesting story, but the way it's executed is quite corny. Might just be the awful dime store novel score. I get that they were trying to recreate an old aesthetic, but it just doesn't work here.

Amira Natasha S (gb) wrote: Such a good movie with a very eyes opening scripts and characters. It also made me cry though

Sanjaya (jp) wrote: Just a cheap movie with cheap special effects and ordinary story... Even that, it's still a little working on me... I'm a little bit scared while watching this movie...

Bradley K (br) wrote: Gorgeously lit, but infuriatingly heavy handed and therefore not very enjoyable. Burnett's Killer of Sheep is something to watch for the same commentary on institutionalized racism but far more engaging and poetic.

Lee Anne W (mx) wrote: 51 year-old Joan is Millie, a "career gal" (what they called women who had jobs instead of husbands, back in the day) who meets Burt, played by an 18 years younger Cliff Robertson (to which I say GO JOAN!). He moves fast, and soon they're married. Shortly thereafter, his ex-wife Virginia (Vera Miles), whom Millie knew nothing about, shows up to have some papers signed, and to tell Millie that Burt is a crazy, and a kleptomaniac. She suggests Millie visit Burt's father (Lorne Greene). Turns out Virginia and Burt's dad have been screwing around for years, and this is what makes Burt go nuts. I whooped with joy during the scene where Joan calls Vera Miles a tramp and a slut. Millie puts Burt in an institution, he gets better, and still loves Millie at the end. Joan cries a LOT, and once again her natural beauty is dampened by her severe fifties hairstyle, but this is a perfect little melodrama, and was the most recent (chronologically) Joan film I hadn't seen. This was the 53rd of 81 Joan movies I've seen.

Allan C (au) wrote: Tarzan wants to protect his jungle animal friends from the title huntress, who wants to ships all of the wildlife off to a zoo. Meh...

Priyu K (ca) wrote: protects your most fundamental human right - the right to be an idiot.

EWC o (mx) wrote: Funny moments and many relatable characters, but it is slow between comedic moments.