A killer for the Russian Mafia in Vienna wants to retire and write a book about his passion - cooking. The mafia godfather suspects treason.

A killer for the Russian Mafia in Vienna wants to retire and write a book about his passion - cooking. The mafia godfather suspects treason. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


C(r)ook torrent reviews

Kim M (us) wrote: I don't know what I liked about this movie, but I did like it.

Asif K (ca) wrote: ewww plz no ... not interested

Andrew S (gb) wrote: I liked this, a very well crafted piece of work that deal with a very sensitive issue, and it deals with it very well indeed.

Lilian G (ag) wrote: filme bacana, mas pra se assistir uma vez s.poderia ser melhor, apenas retrata mais um dos casos ocorridos durante a segregao racial nos EUA e no a historia como um todo.

Cory A (gb) wrote: saw this at sundance last year at a midnight showing, and it was okay

Gerard D (jp) wrote: Dougray scott plays the psychopatic CEO from 'Ethical Finances'. He likes to fill his evenings chasing and killing people for fun in a bleak edinburgh. When he locks onto his new target, a youngster with fast legs and a working brain, things take a turn. Energetic, well directed, some really good music by Turbonegro, and a suberb bad banker driving a Maserati. See it.

Wes S (fr) wrote: The Possession works well, as it has good characters and a interesting plot. However, it's not too original, but sometimes it's fun to see used elements again. Overall it has enough to keep one interested, though there might not be much to go back to.

David S (ru) wrote: A tight little thriller has some interesting twists and turns that keep the viewer interested... The acting is decent, the direction acceptable, and the suspense is there... but nothing is really great about the film... it's all just efficient and it gets the job done...

Private U (de) wrote: BOLEEVIAAAA amazing movie

Frank P (fr) wrote: Some filmmakers, as they grow older, become fascinated by young people. Rohmer is one of them; fortunately, he often give them room to demonstrate their adult sensibility. In the case of Conte d'Automne, Rohmer does something rare: he tells a story of middle-aged people rediscovering love and companionship. In the guise of a romantic comedy, the drama is as moving as it is universal. Marie Riviere and Beatrice Romand again show themselves as two immortal gems of French cinema.

Matthew B (br) wrote: Makes you think. It's one sided as documentaries tend to actually be, so I take it with a skeptical eye. I don't know that Koresh was too great a guy, but I think our government screwed this up royally. Plenty of blame to go around. But those flashes from tanks are hard to ignore. I think if the Davidians had zero guns, and were simply a bunch of proven child molesters, our government would not have cared as much.

Tove B (mx) wrote: Min barndoms favoritfilm

Lee H (br) wrote: The storyline wasn't that great, but the acting was. It was good to see one of my most favourite actors, Robert Downey Jr., when he was young. It is not difficult to see why he went on to greater things.

Sarfara A (au) wrote: Police Story 2 written/directed/starring Jackie Chan as HK Police detective Chan Ka-kui. This is the sequel to Police Story released in 1985. The plot of the film shows is about a disguised person who is blowing up lavish commercial buildings in order to get ransom of 20 million, but HK police detective Kai (Jackie Chan) who is trying to make it on his own with his girlfriend and old enmity; does everything in his reach to bring culprits to justice. Very intriguing direction from Jackie Chan, and moving fights-choreography - watching this movie seemed as if one is witnessing a non-stop full-action throttled Chan-signature film. Flawless and tight plot that does not show any sign of weakness in its plot-layout.

Alex S (fr) wrote: Entertaining sci-fi B movie

Tristan P (ca) wrote: Driven by great performances from Wayne and Darby, along with impeccable writing and the fascinating character of Rooster Cogburn, True Grit is one of the greatest revenge stories of all time.

Harjo W (gb) wrote: This movie is shit. No no no, If shit can eat and shit (like humans do), this movie is that shit.