Inside the Kit Kat Club of 1931 Berlin, starry-eyed singer Sally Bowles and an impish emcee sound the clarion call to decadent fun, while outside a certain political party grows into a brutal force.

Cabaret film is considered a pinnacle of the genre film adaptation. Director Bob Fosse constructed Cabaret script based on the novel Goodbye to Berlin of Christopher Isherwood. Cabaret earned for Fosse 8 Oscars including Best Director, but lost out on the best movies for "Godfather". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda B (kr) wrote: Was unsure what to expect with this film. Based on the songs of Belle and Sebastian, I found myself enjoying this quirky musical, despite its sometimes dark storyline. The soundtrack is brilliant, and has been masterfully recorded by the cast.

Favio V (nl) wrote: Creci en los suburbios difciles de Rumana, Viktor conoce el valor de la vida ms que la mayora, lo que lo convierte en el asesino perfecto.

Ronnie S (br) wrote: ~v. En middelmdig film med Seagal. Trist. Burde have vret meget mere, men helt elendig var den ikke. Forventningerne er bare altid hje til sdanne drengervsfilm, men her blev de ikke indfriet. Trist, men ok film

Camille K (ag) wrote: C'est vrai qu'avec ce film on est compltement dans du Jarmusch, mais franchement, ce n'est pas mauvais, c'est mme trs bon !! Le

Zeb E (es) wrote: Hows does Kevin Sorbo get work these days?

brianna j (br) wrote: it looks interesting

Ben D (jp) wrote: A B-Movie that owes debts to many other, better films, Justin Dix's film does however manage a few moments of interest, but finally descending into nonsense.

Foon Vincent W (us) wrote: quite disappointed really. Find it boring.

Tero H (fr) wrote: The story wasn't bad by itself, but it had some really odd scenes and fights that seemed at least to me impossible. I didn't get any of the hocus pocus. One major minus in my opinion was the use of guns to kill so many people (yep, they were bad guys, but they were still people). I haven't thought of myself as such a pacifist unti after seeing some films by Steven Seagal. Ok, I know, its self defense and all, but I just don't like watching people getting shot, blood and guts and all that. The martial arts was better in this film, although too incredible for my taste. I got this on DVD, like all my seagal movies, but I don't recall the disc having any extras. The film had much too few Aikido-moves for my taste, except one whoppy shiho-nage, which was funny to see because Seagal was using his huge height advantage - the guy practically flew over Seagal when he did that. Most of the moves seemed to me like they were out of some "matrix" films or traditional chinese kung-fu flics where people can actually fly. It looked to me more kung-fu and firearms movie than anything else. I get the idea that a martial arts master can accomplish seemingly impossible feats, but swinging a katana to split arrows in half mid-air was just too much for me. I wonder what kind of power would be required to fling an attacker backwards 20 feet through air using only two fists. Man, does he look mean.. Looking mean is Seagal's trademark. Its not a terrible movie, but I have seen better Seagal films.

Fallon B (nl) wrote: Such a sweet and poignant little oddball of a movie, but one that I greatly enjoyed nonetheless. Carrey and McGregor are outstanding here.

Steve W (es) wrote: Peckinpah was almost fired halfway during production, but actor Charlton Heston backed him and they kept him. Sam later then lost interest when directing and Heston took over for some of it. The studios also cut up his movie beyond repair.The result is a mash of good actors doing stuff onscreen during the civil war. The movie pays off with a nice calvary battle across a small area of water, with messy and bloody fighting and everything.Worth the watch if you have the patience for the end battle and are a fan of Charlton Heston or Sam Peckinpah.