Cabeza de perro

Cabeza de perro

A drama about a boy who lives in a bubble because of a rare brain disease.

A drama about a boy who lives in a bubble because of a rare brain disease. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon P (kr) wrote: Brilliantly ridiculous, a quite astounding piece of trash cinema.

Paul J A (jp) wrote: Just like being back in Queens.... For the holidays.

Janine A (br) wrote: This is quite possibly the worst movie ever made...

Michael J (fr) wrote: Pretty funny with subtly.

Tom H (nl) wrote: Ok movie about a serial killer stalking women in a apartment complex.these women are actresses looking for the next job in Hollywood, but someone is killing them off one by one.

Rubi I (kr) wrote: Sexy version of 50 1st dates.

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