Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

In this grisly remake of the 2002 horror hit, five college chums rent an isolated woodland cabin for a party. But their fun quickly ends when the group is exposed to a hideous flesh-eating virus, and survival becomes the name of the game.

While visiting their getaway cabin, five friends succumb to a flesh-eating disease. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cabin Fever torrent reviews

Jesse V (ca) wrote: I thought I'd found a hidden gem until about half way through the movie when the unnecessary lesbian scene pulled me right out of the atmosphere and it became just another brainless horror flick. This is what you call wasted potential.

Maurice P (jp) wrote: I'm not sure why ratins are so low. This is actually a very good father and son movie. Jaden although he looks like an eleven year old in a onesy does a pretty good job. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise it's worth a watch.

Samir S (gb) wrote: Brutally Honest, Intense and still Warm...

Rebecca C (ag) wrote: Such a gut-wrenching and scary true story.

enri a (de) wrote: My most favorite of all movies... parang ako yung bata sa movie

MF J (kr) wrote: Ed Norton is one hell of a great actor but as a director his comedy is a little flat. Of course it's nice & funny at times but it looks like an episode of Friends. I really enjoyed some scenes but overall it's very american, way over the top & the acting is as usual too much. Norton does his best i believe but his film doesn't avoid the usual chliches you always find in such comedies. Jenna Elfman has a little something refreshing in her figure but her accent is too harsh & over achieving where a little subtlety might have worked better.opinions are like ass holes we all have one. i'll try to keep that in mind if one day i direct a film.

Sam S (nl) wrote: the more i think about it, the more i really like it. strange.

Bavner D (mx) wrote: "RETURN OF THE JEDI" adalah sebuah penutup yang sangat tepat. ... "May the force be with you, all."

Greg W (jp) wrote: gets a star for the awesome movie title gr8 play on the 1948 classic

John R (mx) wrote: 110809: Quite a good film. Great actors all over the place. Comical but deadly villains. Action. And a Tranter percussion revolver I'm told. Oh yeah, who can forget Hannie, or may I call her Raquel? Cutting edge for 1971. Enjoy.

Trey W (de) wrote: A classic. I love it.

George J (us) wrote: Who could the anticipated audience possibly be? Only numb-nuts that would watch American Idol.

Karl R (es) wrote: A Good idea but a poor script and poor acting let what could be a decent action film down.