Raymond is a jealous, misanthropic, couch potato. Angèle is a sexy TV star, childish and disillusioned. One Halloween, their mother, Solange, suddenly dies. Raymond calls his sister for the first time in 10 years. She agrees to meet him and begins to investigate their mother's death, all in keeping with her TV role of police commissioner. But nothing is simple with the Marchildons. Between a dithering Raymond, the ghost of Solange who continues to haunt her children, and Angèle who's going crazy interviewing suspects, one more bizarre than the next, and the bodies that are filling up the basement, it's hard to keep their love straight. But then, love was always a little twisted in the Marchildon household.

One Halloween, the alcoholic mother of good-for-nothing Raymond suddenly dies, and he throws her body in a ditch. Repenting, he calls his sister Angelie, an actress who he has not seen for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (au) wrote: Quien les escribe adora las pelculas sobre boxeo. "Raging Bull", "Rocky", "When We Were Kings", "Million Dollar Baby", "Cinderella Man", "Ali" y "Girlfight" son todas unas grandes pelculas que llegan inclusive a superar a los mejores encuentros pugilsticos reales. Tal vez por esto, mi comentario sobre "Hands of Stone", el biopic sobre el boxeador panameo Roberto "Manos De Piedra" Durn est un poco sesgado sesgado.Dejando clara la advertencia, quisiera decir que esta es una gran pelcula sobre boxeo, que aunque no llega a superar a los clsicos del gnero ("Raging Bull", "Rocky", "When We Were Kings"), puede colocarse sin temor en el panten de los ttulos anteriormente mencionados.dgar Ramrez, el venezolano que demostr su calibre actoral en "Carlos", la mini-serie de Olivier Assayas sobre "El Chacal", encarna con fuerza y actitud a Durn, un boxeador cuya rebelda, orgullo y altanera fueron sus ms grandes aliados pero al mismo tiempo sus ms grandes enemigos.La cubana Ana De Armas (a quien vimos en la excelente "War Dogs"), interpreta a la bella Felicidad, una colegiala quien se convierte en la amante y esposa del boxeador. Y el cantante Usher Raymond es dinamita como el carismtico Sugar Ray Leonard, la nmesis de Durn y rival en el legendario encuentro del "No Ms".Pero es Robert De Niro (protagonista de "Raging Bull", la mejor pelcula sobre boxeo de la historia), quien nos demuestra que todava le queda mucha excelencia actoral por entregar encarnando a Ray Arcel, el entrenador veterano que se encarga de convertir a Durn en leyenda. De Niro nos entrega un magnfico retrato del entrenador, comparable a la tambin magnfica interpretacin que nos dio este ao Sylvester Stallone en "Creed", el estupendo re-boot de "Rocky"."Hands of Stone" cae en los clichs del gnero (hombre que comienza de la nada, que luego triunfa y que cae vctima de su propio orgullo para luego resurgir), pero gracias a una slida direccin del venezolano Jonathan Jakubowicz ("Secuestro Express") y a unas grandes actuaciones (que incluyen a los secundarios Rubn Blades, John Turturro y Ellen Barkin), "Hands Of Stone" se convierte en todo un gancho certero.

Lakshmanan A (ru) wrote: The movie I watched yesterday. It was excellent movie and we can see once again. Camera work was really wonderful, I could not believe a new cine photographer did this job. Story framed well, NICE movie, Please go to Theater and see the movie. Climax was excellent.

Be F (au) wrote: Loved this film! See this original French version, not the Vince Vaughn rehash.

Paul W (de) wrote: A man with nothing more than an empty tin and a piece of wire lifts himself and his family out of abject poverty. Infectious sprit, infectious beat.

Lore M (es) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie but I wish Charlie and Marnie had more scenes together. Bullying is wrong and I wish Marni didn't have to beg for an apology from Joanna.

oxana (nl) wrote: A very strong beginning which was balanced with suspense and utter coolness of a police operation.After that, the plot was driven into slight confusion until the end; they investigated a murder, but it was clear from the beginning who was behind it. The motive was unclear until the very end, which was good, but how Bong (Takeshi Kaneshiro) got to his conclusion was a little disappointing.Also, Bong's romantic journey was a little meaningless, in my opinion. It gave very little to the movie.The clarity of the beginning got muddled up, which is a pity. All in all I liked the movie, but the inconclusive feeling it gave me forces me to lower my four stars to three-and-a-half. Perhaps if the tips and hints had been layered a little better, and there had been more "show" rather than "tell", the movie may have been better.If you're not afraid of some brutal, violent scenes, check this one out.

Brad R (nl) wrote: Even low budget movies can make sense ... and tell a good story. This one succeeds, for the most part. The message, in case it wasn't clear: "Don't wish your life away."

Jessica R (ru) wrote: pretty ok for a love story

kyo 9 (ru) wrote: A very nice hindi movie which is totally different in terms of singing and love nonsense.. I really admired the leading actress who played his role very well; this movie's intention was very strong and impact the audience's heart..

Brett W (it) wrote: You know, it is pretty funny that not too long ago, the best Marvel could do movie-wise is licensing out their characters for low-budget made-for-tv movies. This movie is AMAZING in it's own right, and Sandra Hess (Sonya from MK: Annihilation) plays the same "Viper" character from last year's "The Wolverine". Hasselhoff is oddly alright in the role--I guess this was just after Baywatch ended--a long while before the "drunk trying to eat a cheeseburger" phase. Written by David S. Goyer, the writer who would go on to do "Blade", the "Dark Knight" Trilogy, and now the Superman vs. Batman movie, so you might expect a good bit more than what it is...but...worth it for doing MST3K style if nothing else.

Keith O (mx) wrote: One of the most under appreciated comedies of the 90s.

Neil D (br) wrote: This is Batman: The Animated Series at its absolute best. Higher production values were put to good use as the movie's animation is sharp, while featuring more detailing in its art design as well as a more vivid color palette, without of course taking away from the noire aesthetic.The plot surrounds the mystery behind the Phantasm, rooted by a look at the origins of Batman, and by extension Bruce Wayne's early adulthood. It also makes for a tragic love story, thus establishing Bruce's unwillingness to commit to a relationship. And, unlike the Animated series, it isn't afraid to portray more violent imagery, along with the death of human characters, one in particular getting an absolutely shocking reveal.Speaking of which, the operatic music that couples the soundtrack also adds to the horror surrounding Phantasm and the film's noire aesthetic altogether. It is nothing short of stellar. The voice acting also holds up.My only complaint is that it ends on a cliffhanger that is solved off-screen, while its drama comes off as a bit schmaltzy, although all this could be due to the running time falling short; a necessary trade-off for focusing on the film's overall quality.That said, Mask of the Phantasm is a must-see Batman movie. Along with what was said prior, the suspense and action are bumped up a notch for constant thrills, even during its bits of origin exposition. And while I'm not familiar with the source material, and besides loving the Tim Burton live-action Batman films, Mask of the Phantasm probably is as close to the source material as it gets.

Phillip S (nl) wrote: I'm still amazed that despite the antics get still managed to really touch the heart of divorce and it's impact on families in way that was touching and accessible to children. Everything about this movie is perfect, not the least of which is Robin Williams.

Daniel M (mx) wrote: With a star studded cast featuring Hope, Wyman, and Gleason, you would probably think that it would be a good movie right? Wrong. This is a very immature, clumsy, and amaturish production, that should've never came into existance. The first twenty minutes, with a better script, and it being streched maybe 70 minutes or so more, would've made a much better film than this run down, obviouse, and painfully unfunny formulaic comedy. Almost all of the jokes are flat, the situations are annoying, and tiresome, and the characters are idiotic, and a swift kick to the cranium. You would think as a genuine comedic talent, Hope would've known that this crap was miles away from being even close to a chuckle. Gather up some bad writing, acting, scenes featuring a cult leader, that not only resembles bin-laden, but only knows how to say "yes". A pointless scene involving Hope playing golf with a monkey, topped off with bad music by this hipsterish band named "The Comfortable Chair", and you have the worst Bob Hope film to close a decade. I hated this film.

Jarek M (it) wrote: Everything would be great unless it's comiunism propaganda.