Caged tells the story of a teenage newlywed, who is sent to prison for being an accessory to a robbery. Her experiences while incarcerated, along with the killing of her husband, change her from a very frightened young girl into a hardened convict.

A naive nineteen year old widow becomes coarsened and cynical when she is sent to a woman's prison and is exposed to hardened criminals and sadistic guards. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Caged torrent reviews

Jevon P (fr) wrote: Great theme to a kids movie that is not just for kids.

Trisha S (fr) wrote: I am less of a person for having seen this. A+

Jen R (us) wrote: I couldn't even make it through the whole movie. No.

Ricardo H (es) wrote: Great acting and as usual Bardem works his magic. Overall, though, I kept thinking "what a downer!"

Tim M (jp) wrote: Wu represents well. Good action, a little long and dramatic, but overall enjoyable.

Sea V (ag) wrote: i seen a bit of it in japan, and didnt understand it but overall it was nice...their was a lot of action...well at least towards the end, since that all i saw :P

Private U (ag) wrote: this movie iz 2 funney

Steffen D (jp) wrote: People like to hate this movie because of the 3% of the movie's runtime that Anakin is being an awkward teenager, and frankly, this movie does not deserve that. Ewan McGregor is BRILLIAN in this movie, and Hayden Christiansen isn't nearly as bad as people make him out to be, considering the lines he's expected to deliver. But Anakin is a hormonal teen, and honestly, his portrayal of this character is spot-on. Yes, it definitely could use some touching up, and it is not the best of the Star Wars films, but it is fun to watch, and only stupid for around 5 minutes.

Malcolm R (ru) wrote: Low-concept but worthwhile, with 2 of Hollywood's best actors in their prime.

Jaret M (mx) wrote: Not a real Bond film. Just see Thunderball, and ignore this mess.

Nicolas I (ca) wrote: The definition of a quirky comedy. Woody Allen twice younger than now laying the foundations of his art.

Sharon W (jp) wrote: An sluggish, slow, movie with an unbearable time. I do not agree to wasting 97 minutes of my life.

Jose Luis M (es) wrote: Great russian film, impressive as they were filmed, it remainds me Kurosowa movies.

Bruce P (ca) wrote: watch it you will love it

MEC r (ag) wrote: An alright movie. Jamie Foxx's role surprised me a bit.

Stephanie G (es) wrote: Une belle histoire de valeurs personels un dilemne intressant