Caged Heat

Caged Heat

A girl is caught in a drug bust and sent to the hoosegow.

A girl is caught in a drug bust and sent to the hoosegow. The iron-handed superintendent takes exception to a skit performed by the girls and takes punitive steps, aided by the sadistic ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joel N (us) wrote: Eh, this film isn't that good despite Keri Russell and Dan Cortese. Might as well read the original Shirley Jackson short story this is based on. Though the story isn't quite as clear on the "why."

Mrs Laura R (kr) wrote: This is the best movie ever. You all should watched it.

Alisha J (br) wrote: one of the better documentaries I've seen

Natalie L (ag) wrote: The movie "Ushpizin" which translates to "guest" written by Shuli Rand and directed by Gidi Dar is set in Breslov Orthodox community, Jerusalem, Israel. It follows the life of protagonist Moshe, and his wife Mali who desperately want a child, as they are tested throughout the film multiple times of their faith in god. The story is set during the holiday of Sukkot- a Jewish festival which refers to the temporary dwellings the Children of Israel had to live in during the period of wandering after exodus. The movie starts a day before Sukkot. Moshe and his Wife are in desperate need of money and after endless praying, they are given a "miracle" which happens to be an unexpected envelope of money-$1000 slipped under the door step. The couple is overwhelmed and ecstatic to be able to have a celebration and pay rent for their home when unexpected visitors show up at their doorstep. Eliyahu and Yossef are convicts and people of Moshe's past-Yossef being a friend of Eliyahu. Eliyahu is determined to bring out the worst in Moshe for his own amusement, and the two create chaos between the household, which eventually broadens among neighborhood. When the two first enter the town, they mislead Moshe by telling him that they have finished serving time and felt the urge to visit him, as he is their old friend. During the dinner of Sukkot, they say and do many things which in the face of god and Jews is disrespectful. In addition, they bring up sensitive topics which include the couple's incapability to have a child and Moshe's past in attempt to provoke his "true self" as they believe that the whole Jew thing is an act. They raid the house of all it's food and demand for more to eat. The series of events that occur during the visit of Eliyahu and Yossef test the faith of the community, specifically Moshe, and his willingness to stay faithful and righteous during the time of hardship. The movie gave me a greater insight to the different beliefs and practices of the Jewish community-specifically orthodox. The common theme of suppressing anger was often brought up as an indication of the core of their lifestyle. Furthermore, the comparison between actions of the Jews and non Jews during various situations gave me a better understanding of how they handle the different situations due to their beliefs. It shows how faith has such an immense impact on one's actions and values. Through the watching of the film, I gained a greater respect for the religious as I got a sense of their devotion towards their god. Additionally, I felt that it was very clever for the writer to use Moshe's past as the primary obstacle in the movie because often times one's past is the hardest thing to overcome, although it is essential to grow and advance in life. He uses the idea of all these events being a test of his faith to guide him in attempt to make the right decisions, although they sometimes result in conflicts. Although the visuals may not have been as creative and artistic as the other films I've seen (eg. Water), but I strongly feel the content far outweighed the visuals. Overall I would give this movie a 5/5 because the director and writer were able to discretely convey how religion affects the lifestyle of people-especially during the worst of times.

Melissa K (mx) wrote: I used to watch this with my dad, it's not great but it is fun to watch!

Tara H (jp) wrote: Gritty romance set in dole-stricken 80s Liverpool. Great female leads and northern wit. A surprise hit, and has aged well.

Lukas K (kr) wrote: I wish I could give it negative stars

Farah R (es) wrote: With a cast ensemble like this one, Reach Me should have been a blockbuster hit if not movie of the year. Unfortunately though, it suffers from terrible writing in its disconnected stories and the acting was quite bland for some big Hollywood names. This drama is not worth the time nor effort to sit and watch.

Kelly B (gb) wrote: Extremely creative, intertwining of fact, legend and speculation that brings Wild Bill Hickok(Charles Bronson), Charlie Utter(Jack Warden) and Crazy Horse(Will Sampson) together to take down the great spike, or also known as, The White Buffalo. Charles Bronson delivers a good performance as Bill Hickok, Richard Sale's script(adapted from his own novel) is very creative, J.Lee Thompson's(Guns of Navarone) direction hits the mark and John Barry's score is very underrated. They only bad thing that can really be mentioned is the white buffalo itself, is operated on a track, and looks somewhat poorly and dated, however, those close-up shots of the buffalo's face still scares the shit out of me.