Two men who were "best friends" while growing up together and into their 20's, reconnect after years apart. On the surface, their lives have gone in opposite directions, one married, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cahoots torrent reviews

Guilherme N (es) wrote: Touching... the myth

Berni E (br) wrote: Amazed to read some of the criticisms - thought this was an excellent film. Psychological Shakespeare drama with four letter words....brilliant acting from Ray Winstone, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson & Ian McShane!! Watch the extras!!

Sweetoil Man N (nl) wrote: it was a humorous look at the iribulations of unrequited love and sour relationships.

Arnaud E (nl) wrote: Very realistic movie,I wish I got soundtracks to load it inside my mobile to listen to it. I like whistling it...

Jonathan D (mx) wrote: i fucking LOVE Bette Davis

Omar E (mx) wrote: even the music choice sucked

Karl L (kr) wrote: Yes, in 2015, I'm giving a 1996 movie a 5 star review. Great performance by Portman, and just a great movie overall.

Afonso T (br) wrote: A really tense atmosphere of horror and suspense on the beach... Mastery in achievement of this environment, really good acting and delightful music..