Caídos del cielo

Caídos del cielo


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Abigail S (es) wrote: Imagine this without a tragedy.

Jasrick J (nl) wrote: ShuddhDesiRomance is a very engaging new age romcom.Film has many LOL moments.Film talks about youth's views on realtionships,love,marriage etc.SDR is a novel concept,and is a real film of this new generation.Live in realtionships are highlighted. Sushant Singh Rajput and Rishi Kapoor EXCEL they create havoic whenever on screen, amazing performances. Parineeti Chopra and Vanni Kapoor are good also. Also in SDR Vanni Kapoors character Tara is a bit werid and unbelivable,her whole speech in the ending was not convincing.Overall a good,different film to come from dir Manesh Sharma and writer Jaideep Sahini.Breaks all romcom cliches.Ending is weak though,not convincing.Youth and all peole who want to watch a refreshing romcom that doesnt follow the usual formula watch SDR, its a real film of todays generation X !!!!

Daniel J (ca) wrote: FIFA FKING SUCKS.. Get out of here with this bull shit

John B (nl) wrote: humorous look at the old wild west and the many ways to die, some of it overdone, but, some of it was a nice touch with Charlize & Seth

Benjamin J (jp) wrote: This has a Les "Primus" Claypool soundtrack. So now I've got the plus points out of the way, let's look at the bad bits.It's not tricky to make a relatively entertaining movie about hillbillies. Take some naive and disrespectful city folk, drive them into the middle of the forest (despite warnings), introduce them to the locals, then bum and kill them. How difficult is it? Surely the introduction of a giant pig could only make the film even better? No, no it doesn't.Some annoying people go out into the forest and meet some old hillbilly friends who take them hunting. On the way, the meet some hippies. "I wonder if they'll become important later", you think. After what seems like forever of boring build up of various dead things being found, someone gets killed and the yokels fight back. Then there's a giant pig. And that's it really. Oh no, I forgot. It's got a message. Yeah, that's right- a political message. It's like a satire, yeah? Because every so often they make references to people being soldiers and they show photos of the Iraq war and talk about the War on Terror. Not that it's particularly clear what the point is, and after my attempt to explain it to myself I realised that it was just a bit of a sad attempt to make a bog standard horror movie into a political gesture. How about you just make a political gesture, lazy boys? The pig wasn't even that good. Better than the rug draped over a wheelbarrow in Razorback, but not as good as a slightly bigger rug draped over a slightly bigger wheelbarrow. Somewhere in between.

Jeremy B (kr) wrote: An attempt to make a more intelligent "The Mummy" that falls flat with bad acting and crappy CGI/SFX.

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Anthony Minghella's script, about family, motherhood, immigration, urban renewal, integration, is maybe overambitious as not every subject is handled, or settled, with resolve. Nonetheless the proceedings never fail to be interesting and some moments sparkle.

Ben W (gb) wrote: expected more from the 'Smack the Pony' team. One or two laugh out loud moments, but mostly lame and at times the humour was too close to the bone.

noah m (jp) wrote: Strives on the boxing front but fails on the religious which sadly happens to have the most screen time.

Bathsheba M (kr) wrote: This got off to a slow start...painfully slow. If it ever picked up I don't know cause I bailed.

Matthew B (au) wrote: Tied for the worst movie I've ever seen. I want the time in my life back that I wasted on this garbage.

Nicholas D (it) wrote: What a great start to Roger Moore's era of Bond. Another classic.