Reporter Homer Smith accidently draws Marcia Warren into his mission to stop Nazis from bombing Allied Conwoys with robot-planes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1942
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fire,   secret passage,   spy,  

Reporter Homer Smith accidently draws Marcia Warren into his mission to stop Nazis from bombing Allied Conwoys with robot-planes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke S (ca) wrote: The premise of this short is that Yoda is taking a group of younglings from the Jedi Temple on a field trip to the Galactic Senate. However, he soon notices that the group of students has a tag along, a certain youngster he has a hard time getting his hands on! Further complicating matters is a plot by Darth Sidious to have his assassin, Asajj Ventress, bomb the Galactic Senate at the same moment the field trip is passing through!! The adventure that unfolds is a fast paced and funny affair, taking our heroes to such familiar worlds as Hoth and beyond. And, I caught on to this pretty early, but the mysterious tag along has a certain secret identity that we can all appreciate. This was a pretty good film, short but sweet. Of course taking place in the Lego universe means it is a delight on the eyes, all those fantastic bricked creations in Star Wars format!! And it's funny too, just like all of the other various Lego media outlets usually tend to be. My wife's mom was down last weekend and unfortunately the two women folk were talking quite loudly during the showing, so James and I didn't get to pay as close attention to this movie as we would have liked, so I'm trying to find it on DVD so we can watch it again whenever we wish. So far that's proving harder than I originally thought it would be though . . .

Chase B (br) wrote: There are some very negative things that I could say about this film, but the film resonated a bunch for me. The "TOP" critics that panned this movie are the typical cynical bastards as usual. Not into real art - only bang'em up films without a soul. This film has a soul and wants to be felt. I enjoyed it. Note - the visuals are quite good, the cinematography is quite good.

Alexander Z (it) wrote: Gotta love low-budget monster movies.

Calvin R (it) wrote: This was awful I mean I knew I was I for a bad movie, but not this bad.

David L (it) wrote: Other than get me in the spirit of Christmas with its freezing cold winter concept, this film was relatively pointless. It's one of those that is slow going, builds up gradually and then disappoints right at the moment where you're desperate for it to drop in a magnificent bombshell. When a girl gets a lift home from a stranger after college, they decide to take a short cut (as they always do in these films) and end up being driven off road by some vehicle that then appears to vanish. Once they come around, they are snowed in in the middle of nowhere, with no food, water or heat. Desperate to make contact for help, but limited to the warmth of their car, they try in vain to shout down some locals that appear to be loitering nearby. After being ignored on several attempts, the couple realise that these individuals are not your everyday humans, and soon become plagued by the strange events that begin to pan out. Trying desperately to continue making contact with civilisation but suffering major dj vu from the subsequent escape attempts, it becomes a battle against time to try and survive the freezing cold temperatures of the night. I didn't anticipate where this was ever going to go but I thought there might have been one of those random gory moments that sees someone have to amputate their limbs due to it being stuck (or having frostbite). No such luck though I'm afraid as the entire concept was devoted to ghoulish goings-on with added mystery and suspense that really didn't amount to anything memorable, other than a tale about a haunted back road, following the aftermath of past crashes! For a Halloween film, this wasn't the most sinister of choices I made, but I guess it's a lesson learnt and another horror movie ticked off the checklist.

Cliff B (gb) wrote: It gets worse for each watching... :(

Steven D (ru) wrote: Can I give it 0 stars?

Widjaja F (kr) wrote: a detail and precise pictures of illegal immigrant from china in uk...very depressing and stunning... however, the 'documentary style' is really not my kind of thing though...

Brian P (ca) wrote: I saw this movie on Netflix and thought "Hey, that title is catchy." This film's script is the strong suit of this film, casting never hurts when Vince Vaughn is in it. He plays the usual flirty guy with a sense of humor. Swingers is a great comedy that is simple, yet funny and some very heartfelt moments that everyone should come to enjoy.

Johnny L (kr) wrote: Wonderfully done. A fantastic insight into Bruce Lee.

Erica S (ru) wrote: Great movie. The dogs expressions alone made this movie enjoyable.

Jaden K (it) wrote: I tried, I really tried, but I could not get through this film. I heard of all the depressing themes of it, but I wasn't deeply affected by it, I just couldn't watch it, as the film is so slow. I just couldn't do it.

RoadKill B (de) wrote: I actually watched this without realising what it was on Zone Horror, and I wasn't disappointed about having to stay up for it either! To think, with all the Troma films I know and love and I didn't even realise this one had anything to do with that outstanding Troma mob. To have a monster that was clearly a guy in a costume, a reporter that the monster falls for as soon as his glasses come off, the army attacking it with everything (including flame thrower) and not even mark's just mental! Hence why I loved it! "DESTROY ALL CLOSETS!"

Pinklama R (ca) wrote: Errol Flynn is hilarious,at least in the firs hour of the movie before it went totally western,he was like XIX century version of Mahoney from Police Academy

Trent M (nl) wrote: A great cast all around. As for the two stars, it is Raft who owns the picture. Cagney's suffering while he passively waits for his friends on the outside to save him is rather boring(Just don't tell him I said that), and at the end, he has a speech very close to the one he said in "The Mayor of Hell" some 6 years earlier.

Shawn W (de) wrote: One of the better Stephen King adaptations. A government agency attempts to harness the powers of a child who can start fires through thought for potential use as a weapon. Surprised the agency still had volunteers to deal with the child after the fates of most of the first ones. Barrymore was a heck of a child actor. Baffles me why David Keith fell off the map as an actor.

keiron b (it) wrote: Really enjoyed it, timberlake surprised me.