Çakallarla dans

Çakallarla dans

Servet the accountant makes a plan to steal money from a client. He decides to get his brother-in-law Gökhan involved to use his account for the money transfer. When two more friends ...

Servet the accountant makes a plan to steal money from a client. He decides to get his brother-in-law Gökhan involved to use his account for the money transfer. When two more friends ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew K (ca) wrote: Atmospheric film describing the descent of a recovered addict who has achieved so much and has his life ahead of him.

Joseph W (jp) wrote: A very well-done & original cinematic brilliance from Abrams & Spielberg! I've seen it like 20-30 times & it never gets old!

Guillermo N (br) wrote: Where is Tom Hardy's Oscar!?!?!

Marcel d (us) wrote: The story of five Aussie journalists who travelled to East Timor in 1975 to expose the Indonesian invasion and the journalist who travelled there to solve the mystery behind their disappearance. This is an awesome piece of film-making, its rich, its inspired and feels so real. The plotting of the tale is fantastic. It isn't just a step-by-step documenting of events but an confronting drama that never lets you forget that this really happened. I cannot urge you to see this film enough. The courageous, daring journalists deserve to have their memories honoured by you seeing their actions in Balibo. This is not an Australian film you must see to support the Australian film industry but an excellent piece of film you must see because you are Australian- and the film hits close to home. Its intense, heart-wrenching while endearing and enlightening- very deserving of an audience.

Kelly G (fr) wrote: I had higher hopes for this movie. I couldn't finish it, it was too boring. I might try again one day - or I might not....

Bob B (kr) wrote: This is a must see for any news junkie. It is a detailed discription of Robert Weiner's adventrures covering the Gulf War and trying to put CNN on the map. It makes me sad that CNN sucks so bad lately.

Justin T (de) wrote: Nothing really all that special and the twists aren't too surprising either.

Hannah S (es) wrote: meh. It seems modern film makers can't understand and translate this to screen. I love the novel, and it's not that I want it word for word, but I wish they didn't resort to modernization just to make Fanny marketable.

Jacinta J (gb) wrote: i like this movie because they really don't try to dress up what is "love". it's very raw and shows that once the honeymoon is over, that doesn't mean you should stop trying. very endearing and leaves you feeling good

Indu R (fr) wrote: This movie was horrible. There was no plot and it was not that funny. Also, the cast was not good in this movie. There were only a few entertaining scenes, but this was one of Adam Sandler's worst movies.

Adam A (ca) wrote: "Men In Black" is a charming, buddy-cop action-comedy that delivers entertainment thanks to its good star chemistry from Jones and Smith but it doesn't really portray what the theories hold of the men in black, however it does it in its own way.

Markus P (us) wrote: Loved It One Of THE Best Movies In History Nothing Gets Old

Helen B (ru) wrote: Ive just watched this film for the second time and although predicatable, how lovely it was to watch something that wasn't cruel with mindless violence and foul language. I loved it and would be happy to watch it with my children and Grandchildren. How many film can you say that about now? Yes its romantic, yes its predictable but it has true values and true romance which incidentally is very similar to that of the Vanessa Redgrave and Franco Nero two wonderful actors ....who are now together again which incidentally I think is wonderful. Be happy x

Kristy B (ag) wrote: I liked this movie more than I thought I would. I'm not really a fan of Kevin Costner but he is wonderful as Mr. Brooks. The rest of the cast are great as well. The ending came to suddenly and I was a little disappointed but overall a pretty good movie, worth watching, especially appealing to fans of movies with serial killers etc.