Calamari Union

Calamari Union

Calamari Union is an allegorical movie that tells the story of sixteen men all of whom are called Frank (inspired by Frank Armoton) apart from a single confrere, Pekka. Collectively the Franks and Pekka are unhappy with the perceived oppression they face in their district of Helsinki, Kallio, and decide to move to another, Eira, imagining it to be an unspoiled place where people can live lives of dignity. The journey is an ironic one given that both districts are not so far apart. In this spirit, their journey across the city takes on epic proportions with each of the travellers gradually falling by the wayside due to such travails as marriage, work, and death. In its entirety the film is a wry discussion of humanity within a system that regards humans as subservient components.

An exodus to a better life in Eira . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manuel T (de) wrote: I own the whole collection of books and the movies that have come out and they are all extremely funny and highly recommended. :)

MyFriendAli (ag) wrote: Loved it, Good Dance, Story of all the struggling actors!

Edmund T (ag) wrote: Fado is a genre of Portuguese music that has survived to this day. This movie is a collection of traditional and contemporary fado performances that gives a great glimpse into that world of music. The camerawork gives good focus to singers, musicians, and dancers. Often they are dressed in traditional clothes and costumes, which reveals another facet of the culture. The music is phenomenal and the dancing spans a wide range of styles. I found myself wanting to applaud on several occasions before the movie was over.My main complaint about the movie is that most, if not all, of the performances take place in the sterilized space of a studio. While this gives the dancers an optimal place to perform, it leaves this viewer wanting more. The most striking example is the first piece, which is a parade of drums, whistles, dancers, and people holding up model airplanes and ships. This was an energetic piece to kick the movie off with, but the whole thing felt artificial as the performers marched around screens instead of buildings and danced on a wooden studio floor instead of cobblestone streets.The last shot of the movie is a bird's-eye view showing dancers rehearsing, film crew, and costume racks that ends with a slow zoom on a camera lens. It was probably meant to acknowledge the "behind the scenes" people, but it took some of the magic away for me. Why not use a shot like that as the lead-in/buildup to one of the performances?The director, Carlos Saura, could be working with a limited budget and timeline. It shows in the setting of the performances as mentioned before, but also in the repeated use of shadows and mirrors to try to keep the audience visually interested in the film."Fados" is a recommended film to anyone who enjoys music, especially music from other countries. The film cuts to the chase and there is no filler for sure. However, I would've liked to see Saura break up the performances with some interviews or documentary-type footage even if it would mean extending the film. One thing that Carlos Saura did well though was in showing that fado is for everyone: the young and old, the poor and well-off, Portuguese, Brazilian, and even someone who has never heard it before.

Denise P (us) wrote: Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale have enough committed chemistry to add just the right amount of complexity to Vacancy, a tense, frightening and deliciously original installment in the eternal horror genre that illuminates the concept of snuff filmography to emanate the filmmakers' unabashed love for the magic of horror movies.

Tony B (fr) wrote: truly one of the most touching foreign films ive seen, slow, though very rewarding

Frank S (kr) wrote: Pretty lame. In all fairness, I admit that I have a dislike of David Schwimmer that overshadowed the movie... but there is nothing in this film that holds your attention... well, except for all the titties!

Jay B (it) wrote: Brainless, but quirky and funny enough to warrant a watch.

Ruhan R (jp) wrote: The first half of this movie really delighted me with it's colourful characters and fun dialogues. Joey reminded me of Mario right off the bat. Lawrence Kasdan didn't seem too sure on a tone. It seemed awfully lighthearted for a true story about attempted homicide. I guess John Kostmayer was trying to capture the bizarre nature of the story, which was probably what caught his attention in the first place. I'm not sure if Kasdan was the right guy for this movie though. Aside from the thematic difficulties it was a pretty interesting plot and it managed to entertain me.

Michael W (ca) wrote: A case of mistaken identity for a kidnapper looking to 'juggle' the books his way; with relentless pursuit by ex-cop thru sewers and gutters of NYC. Contains a great chase scene. NY has seen some improvement since this venture. A gritty film with some mean characters that scores a 10 on the intensity scale.

Hannah D (jp) wrote: I was expecting to only like this for the music, but I found it very entertaining with lots of interesting scenes. I Iliked the various excerpts of different classical pieces, and I found the characters in it very engaging to watch. The best song was saved to last: I sing the body electric.

Jennifer A (br) wrote: It is great to watch the first pairing of Fred and Ginger, but it is also a great movie from Delores Del Rio, (arguably) the first "Mexican Leading Lady". She is elegant and beautiful and was said to have been friends with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.