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Calamity torrent reviews

Scott W (mx) wrote: good movie.. but probably low budgeted special effects

Lee (mx) wrote: An original and intriguing Hong Kong made thriller about a detective who claims to have the supernatural ability to see the inner personalities of people, something he puts to good use in his line of work. It's an interesting idea but I think it deserved a better story to play out the use of its gimmick. It kept my attention though and I was never really sure if the characters' "gift" was real or just in his imagination until all is revealed after the climactic Mexican stand-off. It's a good film but could have been better.

Brian B (it) wrote: One of the first westerns that I saw and really liked. Lots of fun and full of stars.

Skyler B (ag) wrote: Poor Steve Martin just wants to eat.

Greg R (de) wrote: Along with Heavy Traffic and Wizards, this is another of my favorite Bakshi's films.

Ben S (mx) wrote: There is something about watching a cold war spy movie made at the time. The story is as implausible as a modern treatment but the little details are just so right.Michael Caine is top draw as Harry Palmer, Oscar Homolka is a very Kruschev-like Colonel Stok, and there is some eecellent location photography. I may be a minority of one but thought this movie was better than its predecessors.

Fog I (es) wrote: Well the movie is a 1 hour and 40min , which 30 min is the plot and 50 min of boredom , 20 min to end the movie. The movie sacrifice everything for suspense. -Spoilers- The movie sacrifice everything for suspense, it's try to force a mind game which try to make you focus on Turk to be the killer which makes the movie incrideble boring , also Just remember the main characters are Turk and Rooster, I mean what the fuck ? Yeah even they a have that kind of name in the entire movie to have more of the ''mind game''.But there is a great thing which is the suspense which makes the movie be horrible, however it's makes the history at least interesting after the 50min of boredom.However the history is interesting,even having that bad development.

Tristan M (us) wrote: A classic ish war comedy, enjoyable enough to watch, but could have been funnier. Taking from many movies like Platoon and other good Vietnam war flicks, this one just makes fun of them all, but not in a way that's too far. It is fun to watch, you get some good laughs, but some could be improved in some comedy aspects. The acting is typical with these actors, so just blah no depth. The characters are city boys in the movies just as they should be, and the action is confusing. I can't tell if they know they only have blanks or not through most of it, as they mostly just shoot in the air, but it's not meant to be realistic so hard to go off on that as well. The explosions and helicopter scenes did look good, enjoyed them, the classic Vietnam war scenes we all know and love. Overall it's a decent movie to watch if you like war flicks and can handle some comedy thrown in, but don't expect much for real action or good war movie moments.